Its Alive!

Well after almost six months of planning shopping for a designer writing content and waiting, the new website is up and running. We threw the switch Yesterday. Its not perfect and there are a link or two that will lead to a dead end but its up and I am thrilled.

We used David Frith of Wycombe Web Works and judge for yourself, but I think he did an excellent job. You can view our videos, download or listen to audio clips. There are Articles from the newsletter and an archive of everything we’ve written. You can read excerpts of the “One Solitary Life” books and we will be including audio clips from the Well of Wisdom series as soon as we can.

We even have a place where you can ask a question, and we’ll answer every one of them according to the Ancient Wisdom teachings.

We have sections for metaphysics and meditation along with healthy living and success principals. If there is something you would like to see, tell us and we’ll do our best.

I hope you enjoy it and come back often or just sign up for the newsletter.

The link is

Published by

Reverend Doug

A student of arcane teachings and meditation born in NY and living in Colorado. Author of the book "Spiritual Practicality - The Seven Keys to the Mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom"

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