American Teamwork

I have decided to fire the blog back up and use it in a slightly different way than I have in the past. Politics and religion are the two things we are warned against discussing. The posts I have put up in the past have largely focused on things practical and spiritual but not political. It seems like talk of faith in politics is the province of those reactionary forces which are always looking back to the good ol’ days. Looking back to those good ol’ days really reveals that they were not so good. We forget that it was only about half a century ago that we were segregating and a hundred or so that only land owning (white) men could vote, something the Republican shenanigans in battleground states want to re-emphasize through the hand picked application of by district apportionment of electoral votes in presidential elections.

So, the result of my thinking processes is that this blog will become decidedly more political and look at american life through the lens of the awakening consciousness we see in humanity at large. It is contagious, but the rate of its spread is slow to this onlooker. There are things that permeate our culture that stop at the fence of political discourse and are considered improper in that arena alone. My wish is to see us act in the greater context the way we teach our children to act in the smaller groups and community we introduce them to as they mature. To that end, this first post:

I had a moment of clarity a few nights ago, prompted by a very unusual source. I was watching television and there was one of these annoying commercials about how wonderful oil and or natural gas are. We know we power our world with these as well as coal but they seem to act as if we need to show them loyalty against our own best interest because they were used by us for power in the past. The reactionary forces on this planet seem to have very limited loyalties and fossil fuels is one of them. I will get to that in another blog, but it was worth mentioning.

In this otherwise propaganda like commercial, as they are obviously preparing to fire up a gas powered electrical generation plant for the first time, there is a moment worth mentioning. A supervisor in a hard hat and safety glasses is running a safety meeting with his crew and the in the clip we hear him say “so you want to be your brother’s keeper” and continues with the next idea as we cut away. In the context of what can be a dangerous situation like firing up this kind of plant for the first time, it is a noble thing to be your brothers keeper, and some would say a necessary thing. Right on. I couldn’t agree more, but that is in part because I believe we should all be looking out for each other as often as we can.

This idea, in the context of a sports team, a project team in a business situation, the military, or kids on a school trip and countless other situations is seen as good and again, necessary. Why is it that when we look at ourselves as a country we are incapable of extending and applying that same positive behavior? When in that progression comes the moment when we become rugged individuals? Why is it that our military is seen as the most patriotic and noble form of expression available, but yet we disdain so many of its principals. The American military is the most socialist area of our culture. They get housing if they need it, but can make their way on their own if they prefer, with the extra pay they get if they live off base. They get free medical care, work as a team, are their brothers keepers in ways that astound us and we revere them for it. Then we ignore them when they separate and come back into the private sector. They are stuck with the rest of us rugged individualists in the you’re on your own (yoyo) society.

Its time we wake up and realize that we are all in this together and rather than having high minded people avoid political discourse because it is seedy, we need them to participate so that it is not. If we leave these things to the politically ambitious to solve we will continue to have them guiding us, as they are guided by, the most selfish aspects and participants in our culture. These are those “persons” we call corporations, who have set the field of play and made the rules to their own advantage through the recognition of money as speech. The more money you have the more speech you deserve. They are modifying our food (GMO’s) to produce its own pesticides. Destroying our health with additives and addicting us to sugar, then bleeding us of our wealth through an unfair profit based health insurance and disease care system when this “food” makes us ill. The courts destroy justice in the same way. The biggest criminals, the banksters are protected from criminal charges because of the effect it will have on the economy if their “honor” is impugned. Yet we imprison thousands of “natural persons” for their use of mood altering substances we consider dangerous without reason like Marijuana.

Humanity is a single creature; an organism, which inhabits the earth. The earth is a greater organism in which we are all cells in the heart center, humanity. Our love can bring up the lives of those least fortunate among us or our selfishness can leave us alone, with a pile of money or whatever else we crave as individuals, small groups or families. We must realize what Christ said about this and bring it into our consciousness. “That which you do unto the least of these you do also unto me”. That is a statement with but one interpretation. We are all in this together.

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Reverend Doug

A student of arcane teachings and meditation born in NY and living in Colorado. Author of the book "Spiritual Practicality - The Seven Keys to the Mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom"

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  1. Hi Doug,

    I have visited the higher-ground website and was hoping you can let me know how I may order the well of wisdom cd set. The link to purchase them does not work 😦

    Thank you for your help & happy holidays!

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