The Boston Marathon Bomber in Civilian Court… and GMO’s?

So it wasn’t that long ago that president Obama decided to take a terrorist named Suleiman Abu Gaith to civilian court rather than invoke the failed Military Tribunals which despite being created many years ago have barely been tried. This drew strong attacks by Senators Lindsay Graham and Kelly Aoyotte among others despite the success rate of these trials. In fact hundreds of terror suspects were run through the civilian court system by the Bush administration without a word of complaint from Graham, but then, this is President Obama so it must be wrong.

Anyone who stood behind the idea that American Law Enforcement is not up to the task of finding and prosecuting these kinds of crimes (and that is what they are) should feel a little hesitant of pushing that argument after seeing the results of the last weeks activity in Boston. 6 days after a seemingly un-stoppable crime, one suspect is dead and the other in custody. Its not a good idea to mess with the FBI and the host of other agencies who worked together with the people of Boston to get these guys.

This country has a good government with high capabilities to take on the biggest problems and threats in the world. I am tired of the government bashing that I hear which is simply a tactic being used to get more of what we do together as a nation placed into the hands of private companies for a profit. The problems we do have are created by the people who want government to be incompetent. Money corrupts and lots of money corrupts absolutely… We have turned our prison system into a profit center and guess what? we have more people in prison than anywhere else on earth and simultaneously call our country the land of the free.

We have a for-profit health care system and not only are we sicker than some third world countries, we pay more for our health care too. We have created an industry out of what used to be farmland to feed the world and now they are growing corn with pest asides built in; that is what is meant by the sterile “GMO” label. They are growing something called BH right into corn and soy which makes a bug’s belly explode when he eats it. mmmmmmm… good.

Our elections are the easiest example of where we go wrong. We don’t care what his record is or what his ideas are, we vote for the guy who spends the most money almost every time. That is why encumbancy is so high in this country. We have even subcontracted our military to Blackwater and their ilk. You want to know why we blew more money in Iraq then we did in WWII? Black water employees make a 4-5 times what our military men and women do, and handily, do not have to conform to the universal code of military justice even though they get the many of the same protections. Take the money and profit motives out and we can see how competent we can be.

We need a government for when things like Boston and 911 happen. We can’t spend all of our time stripping things like FEMA of their abilities or firing cops so we don’t have to raise taxes on rich people. We have a progressive tax code for a reason. A rich person doesn’t feel it when his registration (another govt. fee or tax) is due for his car. They don’t spend every dime on essentials and have to give up heat for food on a bad month. They survived much higher burdens in the past and they are capable of handling them now. The poor and middle class families have been bled. That is why the recovery is slow. People drive this economy. If we want a good economy, we have to take care of the people. Give the middle class guy a tax break and he will spend it on something he was doing without. He puts it back in the economy. The rich man takes it out by banking it. He wont “create” a job until their is a demand for his products and that happens when we are all doing better.

We are all tied together and the government is an expression of our collective will (or the lack thereof) just like the government of every other country on earth. If this is the greatest of them, than we should see a benefit in that because we are collectively our government. Of the people by the people and for the people, right? What happened to that?

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Reverend Doug

A student of arcane teachings and meditation born in NY and living in Colorado. Author of the book "Spiritual Practicality - The Seven Keys to the Mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom"

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