The Journey Continues

I am sitting at my desk with very little to do right at this moment so I figured I should take the opportunity to write. I opened my life up to the world in a way because I thought there must be others out there going through similar things, and that this would resonate through a large group of people and be of help to some. That really hasn’t materialized and I feel like I am just complaining to a few close friends. Well, I can do that without baring my Soul on the internet and “airing the family linen” so to speak. I have not gotten super detailed in my descriptions because my wife is a very private person and even what I have revealed makes her very uncomfortable, so the focus of this Blog is going back to its original purpose.

I started writing so that I could share spiritual doctrines which lead to expanding awareness and self-actualization. This is a related subject of course, and I will continue to use these philosophies to re-craft my life. I am on the mend and things will get better. This has been a difficult time and it continues to be, but I am moving from what had been a reporting of things as they happened, back to illustrating what steps must be taken in order to create or re-create one’s life. I will continue working on my life and talking about these principles without revealing details that don’t really matter anyway.

My book “Spiritual Practicality” is a handbook for the Universe. Its “Seven Keys” lay out core principles that govern existence in the material world. This is because they apply in all of the varied planes of existence, some of which are not considered at all material by most people. Perhaps we will take them one at a time and discuss them. I am reviving the emailing list and will be using that to communicate as well. The most important thing right now is that I need to get back to the positive activities that will bring change and self-actualization instead of reporting on the things that are preventing my forward momentum. It was not my intent to do that but it was an easy trap to fall into. These things I am experiencing are transient. The things I am losing are illusory. The truth I pursue is not, and it is more important than any other possession could be. I am lucky to have found my way into a glimpse of it and I will spend the rest of my life in pursuit of more of it.

As the book gets closer to publication I will be releasing pieces of it for you to browse and comment upon. I hope to get some discussions going and reach as many people as possible with this positive message so if you like what I am sharing, please invite friends to join our group.

So “The Journey” continues and the changes will inevitably come. I am changing my focus to what lies ahead because frankly dwelling in this has become exhausting. Perhaps that is the only real breakthrough that matters.

Published by

Reverend Doug

A student of arcane teachings and meditation born in NY and living in Colorado. Author of the book "Spiritual Practicality - The Seven Keys to the Mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom"

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