Trump Never Forgets

So we are deep into the first year of a Presidency that I thought would never happen. I believe my words were that we were not collectively stupid enough to allow it.  I was wrong and the stupidity and the selfishness and the pettiness of this Presidency is astounding. He revels in crowd size and thinks even flood victims gather because he is there… “what a turnout”.

I thought about why after criticizing Obama on vacation time, his followers don’t mind that he takes more time off in multiples and spends more money than any previous President. Why they don’t mind that even as he does spend the money they were so concerned about during the Obama Presidency like a drunken sailor, he is actually spending that money on his own resorts and self dealing in the most transparent way possible.

I wonder how any thinking person, after criticizing his predecessor over the use of executive orders, could set records on using executive orders to get things done, or as is the case with this particular President, to get them undone. The answer is that he does not care what anything looks like, or actually is. He acts as a child does, with nothing in mind but the immediate gratification which the act brings. Oh, and vindictiveness which guides him when all else fails.

This moment, in 2011 guides much of what he has done, and why he is undoing anything he possibly can which points back to President Obama. Trump NEVER forgets a slight. He still talks about the size of his hands. He still talks about the size of his “win”. He still talks about the size of his crowd at the inauguration, and Hurricane Harvey…

I know he still thinks of this moment, and he is the first POTUS to skip this dinner.

2011 Whitehouse Correspondents dinner

A normal person would have taken to that stage and returned fire with better comedy, if that was possible. They did roast him good. Note that he was the only one not laughing. I wonder if he will ever attend this dinner in the future, as President or after the fact. Which could be sooner than his blind followers hope.

This was the moment he thought about as he went after health care, undid protections of national wilderness areas, revoked protections for children of immigrants and trans gendered soldiers. He is trying to erase the legacy of his predecessor and the racists who love him and would, even if he shot someone in the middle of 5th avenue, have no problem with that. He is petty and foolish, selfish and bigoted, and his treatment of anyone who is not rich white and male is abhorrent. To paraphrase Re. Hunter, he may be an asshole, but he’s their asshole… Well they can keep him. Or, at the least, they can have him back when Mueller is done with him.


Media Bias

So I promised to write and then took some time off. I hope the picture makes up for it. I have been exploring Alaska with my friend Ralph since the 4th. Its been a great trip, but much has happened in the last week or so. I am going to do something I don’t usually do and that is complain about media bias, but the true media bias that exists not some imagined liberal bias.

The true bias of the main stream media, and by that I mean the established media, like the Washington Post and the newer outlets like CNN, which is much more prone to this because they are TV news. If the bias was truly towards liberal ideas things in this country would be in better shape and liberals would win elections, but sadly, its not. It is a bias towards sensationalism because everything is based on ratings. Ratings don’t have as much to do with content as much as they do with entertainment value. That is why they will have some idiot mouthpiece on the “other side” of every story whether there is another side or not. More to come on that.

Earlier this week we heard the battle of words bubbling over the top between a self absorbed insecure and inexperienced head of state, whose only real concern is for his own power and only goal is to gain international respect, and Kim Jong Un. We were told that we may be on the brink of World War III because of the taunting that was going on between these two saber rattling crazy people who seemed willing to start a war over who was the toughest talker. Some of the talking heads were really quite concerned, and there was discussion over whether Trump had painted himself into a corner by talking about fire and fury. And he may have. Now he may have to back down which he is not going to be any good at (be honest) or start a war just to not back down. This is not a choice we want this President making.

Then, like from out of nowhere the focus turned to Charlottesville, VA where we had a bunch of white supremacists including neo nazis and the KKK having a rally. Yes, a KKK rally with swastika flag carrying American “patriots” ready to take our country back and fulfill the promises of Donald Trump, according to David Duke, undoubtedly the most famous KKK member in modern times. I won’t get into why there should be anybody in the KKK “in modern times” because, well I just can’t. For a bit of historical reference, the KKK never controlled our country and the closest the Nazi party has come was when George H.W. Bush’s father Prescott attempted a coup to install a Nazi like government in the US and was ratted out by a general officer who’s name escapes me, but, I digress…

Counter protesters showed up which is good because we need the other side of that story for sure. Now, I don’t want to be biased in my views but the Nazis came to party. They were wearing body armour and helmets etc. Violence broke out between the groups which they were obviously anticipating and a guy who had driven in from Ohio, because there evidently aren’t enough Nazis in Virginia, drove a car into the counter protesters injuring 19 people an killing one of them before he fled the scene.

Did you notice I stopped talking about North Korea and the brinksmanship that was about to bring on World War III? Yeah… we didn’t start the week or even this article with Charlottesville. All of the sudden that didn’t matter any more because we had reporters on a scene that could get violent again any moment. More entertainment value. That’s the bias. Lets keep going though. Live violence trumps nuclear war I guess.

Trumpo came out to denounce the violence (that was actually a typo but I liked it so I left it) but once again, he went off script and blew it. On purpose. At first I didn’t really know if the talking heads were being fair. He denounced the violence on “many sides” but failed to call it what it was; a hate crime by white supremacists. It did create a false equivalency between those who were demonstrating for the right to hate and intimidate people and killed a woman in the process, and those who were there to say that’s no what we do here in America, and didn’t kill anyone. It was a mistake but were they reading too much into it? I don’t like Trump. The majority of us don’t. I thought this might be just his normal ham handed bullshit, but it wasn’t.

I saw some additional video where he was asked by reporters specific questions about the support he gets from these Nazis and the KKK and he turned around to go back to the mic. Then he said, they want me to sign the bill over there. He refused to denounce them, the violence or white supremacy in general again after the bill signing. These people are his base. He needs them so he had to leave it blank and let his staff fill that blank later. “Of course when he denounced violence he meant Nazis and the KKK as well…” That was their line, but the Nazis knew the message. They stated so on their sites. He kept their support. Nice job.

So, not only do we have a Nazi problem IN THIS COUNTRY after spending blood and treasure in WWII defeating them. Adolph as a name was ruined forever but these guys think he was right. If that is not scary enough, our president is their hero. He knows it and uses it, which is either a political manipulation and he does not believe what they believe but is using them, or he does share those views and he is actually more of a Nazi than a Republican. He lies to the country daily, so your guess is as good as mine.

Oh, and I hope he does not start a war today (nuclear or otherwise) no matter what Kim does. I think at his core he is a bully and a pussy but this is a war he will send others to die in, so again your guess is as good as mine.DSC05336

And the Beat Goes On

It has been a long time since I have written, which is weird because I do consider myself a writer. Much has changed in the intervening time and I won’t bother going into most of it, but this has been a banner year. I am still at Presidio, the job I had just started when I stopped posting to this blog. I bought my dream home in the mountains, finalized my divorce and I now have a girlfriend, whose company I really enjoy. So why now? Why am I back to this blog?

We as a country and a people are a confusing lot and I want to address that. I have stayed apolitical with my writings here and tried to simply write about life’s lessons and the growth of consciousness towards Spirit. The problem with staying away from politics, as many spiritual people do, is that then our influence in that most important area is not felt. Politics can be icky and we don’t like it. That means that the selfless and spiritual people of the world cede that area of life to the non spiritual and selfish. I do not think every person involved in politics lacks a spiritual bent, but many with that inclination do avoid the subject.

What the world, and this country need more than anything else at this juncture is to have that selfless influence in these political decisions and policies. Staying away from this subject is not an option because it drives society forward, or backward as the case may be. We have, through this political process put in place at the top of our hierarchy one of the most selfish self absorbed and histrionic people to hold that office. This is not a good thing and it took me and many of you quite by surprise. I had been posting many articles to my personal facebook page, and still avoided doing so on my Rev. Doug facebook page, but I still found that many of my friends were supporters of his and in some cases were hurt by some of the things I posted.

Now I have decided that, while this blog will still be dedicated to its original intent, that I will be posting things that will be directly related to politics and the spiritual implications and causes of what is going on, as I see it. My facebook page will still be personal but I have already selectively been posting political commentary there as well.

I am not a reporter, but I don’t believe that people who get a journalism degree are all out there to try to lie to us and push a liberal agenda. I do believe that TV news can be biased in favor of sensationalism and that to a degree, that distorts the truth. There is not really merit on both sides of every situation and the insistance on a panel that profers both sides legitimises bullshit. Oh, I will also be writing in a somewhat frank manner which is more like I speak. I may have forgotten to say that.

When 97% of all scientists say the earth is warming, and the most important factor is carbon emissions, I think it distorts the truth of the matter to enpanel three people on each side of the arguement. When all 17 of our intelligence agencies say that Russia medled in our election through various means, I don’t think we need to hire a bunch of talking heads to tell us that they didn’t. The intelligence community has had its failings, and it is not an exact science. The favorite line is that they missed the WMDs in Iraq but Bush II had the info he liked stovepiped past all controls directly to him so he could re-inforce his views on the matter because he wanted to invade. Our current President would no doubt do the same. He makes up half of his statistics on the spot.

I will not be gentle here, especially with that particular person. I don’t know why I have avoided saying his name but I’m finding it fun and this is my blog, so there. He has made an average of between 4 and 5 misstatements or outright lies per day for 6 months. Politifact rates his statements as true just 5% of the time and mostly true just 12% more. That means that over 80% of the time we are dealing with half truths at best from what is supposed to be a straight talker. That doesn’t fly.

The Republican party seems to be blinded by the possibility of a rubber stamp on any selfish thing they want to do, so we are lucky they cant get out of their own way and do anything because he would sign anything he got a chance to sign, other than sanctions against the Russian government which he took days to sign.

Politics is not the only thing I will post here and I promise not to go a year and a half before I write again. For instance, I am in an airport right now waiting for a flight to anchorage for some backpacking and I will undoubtedly fond things I want to share about that trip. I just refuse to stay out of the fray anymore.

The Crisis of Adjustment

Crisis unfolds our lives. Comfort and stasis do not promote growth and it is only through these internal and external tensions that we must overcome by our own efforts that we progress. I have watched as the changes that have come into my life have removed many of the people, places and things that have given me comfort. I do not feel that I was complacent and yet my Soul guides my life, and the removal of these things were obviously necessary to my growth. Their absence makes room for the things that will inevitably replace them in the fabric of my life, and this is true for every one of us.

In my personal experience this has been very painful and now, though I am not immune to pain or the effects of loss, I am detached in a greater way from them. I feel the absence of these things in a different way than before and this is growth. It is not a numbness or immunity but more like an empathy we can feel for a friend in pain. This is the attitude of the observer, focused on the life of the personality from an objective point. This is not outside the self but certainly could be seen as outside of the personality.

I have recently had the experience of a door is opening which was quite frightening as it first began to reveal itself as an opportunity. I went from feeling for years like I was in a holding pattern waiting for the first positive step toward something rather than simply shedding the non-essentials, to wondering how to slow down a runaway train that would have brought me to a new job, and life, in Seattle. It was becoming exciting as I adjusted to the coming changes and I thought this would be an important growth experience for me.

The things I thought I was headed for were refusing to materialize in my life. I thought I would be working from home and buying a small house or cabin in the woods. I wanted a peaceful existence in my “writer’s nook” on a mountainside. I would come into town when needed but have the peace that eluded me in the last few years. Barrier after barrier obstructed my way. My business has struggled. Being self-employed makes it difficult to buy a home, etc. Now out of nowhere an opportunity which represents the complete opposite of those goals had presented itself to me in a way that I could not refuse. Alas, it was not meant to be. Another opportunity has taken it’s place that will keep me here in Colorado and provide the circumstances I was originally looking for. I was ready to do whatever was necessary and that is the key.

Humanity is undergoing a transformation from the Piscean age to that of Aquarius. This is a similar transition from what we want as a group and the mental polarization, focus and training which is our necessary next step. We must progress from the warm fuzzy feeling of comfort in and adolescent (at best) understanding of our relation to deity, to a realization of ourselves as divine. This requires mental orientation and the progress from belief in, to knowledge of, the divine nature and unity of “being.” What we collectively think we want will be superseded by what is really the next step in our awakening as we are collectively guided to a new understanding which we must collectively embrace.

This will not come easily, as the changes in my personal life have not come easily. The old ways, habits, tendencies, and attachments will not be shed without a commensurate amount of struggle and pain. Like an addiction, they will struggle to re-assert themselves in our lives, for these supposedly inanimate things are thought forms imbued with our desires and will be fighting for their “lives.” Ella Wheeler Wilcox said “thoughts are things, endowed with form and wings.”

These thoughts will not “go gentle into that good night.” (Dylan Thomas) What I see today, rather than a smooth transition into a clear understanding brotherhood within the unity of the divine thought, is a raging against that good transition. The forces of desire, emotional devotion and blind belief are tearing the world apart. This may be the only way the transition can be accomplished, just as the attachments in my life had to be ripped from my grasping hands before I was able to assert my will and move into the next stage of my being; something I believe is just beginning. I liked the way things were and thought I was happy. Not all of the time but overall I felt the life I had built was a good one, worth fighting to keep. I needed to fight to keep those things in a way because I not only thought they were of value, I could not let them go without a fight to assert that value. The fight was proof that those things were worthy and worth fighting for.

There is always the specter of what looms ahead as well. Uncertainty is not comfortable for any of us. There is an old saying which asserts “better the devil you know” because you have already made the necessary adaptations and adjustments to cope with the current situation. Change is difficult but it is the nature of everything in the universe to change and evolve. We fight this change at our own peril and cost because it is inevitable, but it seems that this fight is as inevitable as the change it seeks to forestall.

The religious devotees of the world are in the fight for their lives, or so they think. The Christian right wing conservatives in this country are fighting for their very existence against the progress of humanity into a more mature understanding of ourselves which will preclude their notion of the old man on a cloud, which demands worship and exacts vengeance. This is no different than the extremist Muslims who are trying to rule the world through a Caliphate forcing its own version of that self-same old man on a cloud onto the rest of the world at the end of a gun. In both cases I see it as the belief itself fighting for its life like an addiction that cannot find expression in the worlds of human endeavor without the addict’s body to use as a vehicle.

The answer, the teachings tell us, is in the assertion of the will. There comes a time in the life of the disciple where all of the study and accumulation of knowledge must be put to use to create change. Desire as a force for change must evolve and transform into spiritual will; the will to good. The recognition of our unity, like any acquired understanding must be applied in the real world. We often see or hear the term “stand” used in the teachings and in meditation seed thoughts. We must stand in the light. This is an assertion of the will, for it is not enough to see the light. We must stand for something. It is a statement of strength in the face of adversity. In alcoholics anonymous they say that the addict must hit “rock bottom” before he can find the strength of a deep abiding disgust with things as they are. It is because we are so reluctant and fearful of change, but change we must and change we will. If we can accept this without losing all, we may not need to lose it. It is not what we possess that impedes our growth, but what possesses us.

The crisis of adjustment is one recognition, as are all growth experiences. It is a recognition of what is real and permanent. When things are removed from our lives it teaches us what is real, permanent and true. It shows us our identity and the reality of our being.

The Boston Marathon Bomber in Civilian Court… and GMO’s?

So it wasn’t that long ago that president Obama decided to take a terrorist named Suleiman Abu Gaith to civilian court rather than invoke the failed Military Tribunals which despite being created many years ago have barely been tried. This drew strong attacks by Senators Lindsay Graham and Kelly Aoyotte among others despite the success rate of these trials. In fact hundreds of terror suspects were run through the civilian court system by the Bush administration without a word of complaint from Graham, but then, this is President Obama so it must be wrong.

Anyone who stood behind the idea that American Law Enforcement is not up to the task of finding and prosecuting these kinds of crimes (and that is what they are) should feel a little hesitant of pushing that argument after seeing the results of the last weeks activity in Boston. 6 days after a seemingly un-stoppable crime, one suspect is dead and the other in custody. Its not a good idea to mess with the FBI and the host of other agencies who worked together with the people of Boston to get these guys.

This country has a good government with high capabilities to take on the biggest problems and threats in the world. I am tired of the government bashing that I hear which is simply a tactic being used to get more of what we do together as a nation placed into the hands of private companies for a profit. The problems we do have are created by the people who want government to be incompetent. Money corrupts and lots of money corrupts absolutely… We have turned our prison system into a profit center and guess what? we have more people in prison than anywhere else on earth and simultaneously call our country the land of the free.

We have a for-profit health care system and not only are we sicker than some third world countries, we pay more for our health care too. We have created an industry out of what used to be farmland to feed the world and now they are growing corn with pest asides built in; that is what is meant by the sterile “GMO” label. They are growing something called BH right into corn and soy which makes a bug’s belly explode when he eats it. mmmmmmm… good.

Our elections are the easiest example of where we go wrong. We don’t care what his record is or what his ideas are, we vote for the guy who spends the most money almost every time. That is why encumbancy is so high in this country. We have even subcontracted our military to Blackwater and their ilk. You want to know why we blew more money in Iraq then we did in WWII? Black water employees make a 4-5 times what our military men and women do, and handily, do not have to conform to the universal code of military justice even though they get the many of the same protections. Take the money and profit motives out and we can see how competent we can be.

We need a government for when things like Boston and 911 happen. We can’t spend all of our time stripping things like FEMA of their abilities or firing cops so we don’t have to raise taxes on rich people. We have a progressive tax code for a reason. A rich person doesn’t feel it when his registration (another govt. fee or tax) is due for his car. They don’t spend every dime on essentials and have to give up heat for food on a bad month. They survived much higher burdens in the past and they are capable of handling them now. The poor and middle class families have been bled. That is why the recovery is slow. People drive this economy. If we want a good economy, we have to take care of the people. Give the middle class guy a tax break and he will spend it on something he was doing without. He puts it back in the economy. The rich man takes it out by banking it. He wont “create” a job until their is a demand for his products and that happens when we are all doing better.

We are all tied together and the government is an expression of our collective will (or the lack thereof) just like the government of every other country on earth. If this is the greatest of them, than we should see a benefit in that because we are collectively our government. Of the people by the people and for the people, right? What happened to that?

American Teamwork

I have decided to fire the blog back up and use it in a slightly different way than I have in the past. Politics and religion are the two things we are warned against discussing. The posts I have put up in the past have largely focused on things practical and spiritual but not political. It seems like talk of faith in politics is the province of those reactionary forces which are always looking back to the good ol’ days. Looking back to those good ol’ days really reveals that they were not so good. We forget that it was only about half a century ago that we were segregating and a hundred or so that only land owning (white) men could vote, something the Republican shenanigans in battleground states want to re-emphasize through the hand picked application of by district apportionment of electoral votes in presidential elections.

So, the result of my thinking processes is that this blog will become decidedly more political and look at american life through the lens of the awakening consciousness we see in humanity at large. It is contagious, but the rate of its spread is slow to this onlooker. There are things that permeate our culture that stop at the fence of political discourse and are considered improper in that arena alone. My wish is to see us act in the greater context the way we teach our children to act in the smaller groups and community we introduce them to as they mature. To that end, this first post:

I had a moment of clarity a few nights ago, prompted by a very unusual source. I was watching television and there was one of these annoying commercials about how wonderful oil and or natural gas are. We know we power our world with these as well as coal but they seem to act as if we need to show them loyalty against our own best interest because they were used by us for power in the past. The reactionary forces on this planet seem to have very limited loyalties and fossil fuels is one of them. I will get to that in another blog, but it was worth mentioning.

In this otherwise propaganda like commercial, as they are obviously preparing to fire up a gas powered electrical generation plant for the first time, there is a moment worth mentioning. A supervisor in a hard hat and safety glasses is running a safety meeting with his crew and the in the clip we hear him say “so you want to be your brother’s keeper” and continues with the next idea as we cut away. In the context of what can be a dangerous situation like firing up this kind of plant for the first time, it is a noble thing to be your brothers keeper, and some would say a necessary thing. Right on. I couldn’t agree more, but that is in part because I believe we should all be looking out for each other as often as we can.

This idea, in the context of a sports team, a project team in a business situation, the military, or kids on a school trip and countless other situations is seen as good and again, necessary. Why is it that when we look at ourselves as a country we are incapable of extending and applying that same positive behavior? When in that progression comes the moment when we become rugged individuals? Why is it that our military is seen as the most patriotic and noble form of expression available, but yet we disdain so many of its principals. The American military is the most socialist area of our culture. They get housing if they need it, but can make their way on their own if they prefer, with the extra pay they get if they live off base. They get free medical care, work as a team, are their brothers keepers in ways that astound us and we revere them for it. Then we ignore them when they separate and come back into the private sector. They are stuck with the rest of us rugged individualists in the you’re on your own (yoyo) society.

Its time we wake up and realize that we are all in this together and rather than having high minded people avoid political discourse because it is seedy, we need them to participate so that it is not. If we leave these things to the politically ambitious to solve we will continue to have them guiding us, as they are guided by, the most selfish aspects and participants in our culture. These are those “persons” we call corporations, who have set the field of play and made the rules to their own advantage through the recognition of money as speech. The more money you have the more speech you deserve. They are modifying our food (GMO’s) to produce its own pesticides. Destroying our health with additives and addicting us to sugar, then bleeding us of our wealth through an unfair profit based health insurance and disease care system when this “food” makes us ill. The courts destroy justice in the same way. The biggest criminals, the banksters are protected from criminal charges because of the effect it will have on the economy if their “honor” is impugned. Yet we imprison thousands of “natural persons” for their use of mood altering substances we consider dangerous without reason like Marijuana.

Humanity is a single creature; an organism, which inhabits the earth. The earth is a greater organism in which we are all cells in the heart center, humanity. Our love can bring up the lives of those least fortunate among us or our selfishness can leave us alone, with a pile of money or whatever else we crave as individuals, small groups or families. We must realize what Christ said about this and bring it into our consciousness. “That which you do unto the least of these you do also unto me”. That is a statement with but one interpretation. We are all in this together.