The Next Few Steps – My lesson in the Labyrinth

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The next few steps… my lesson in the Labyrinth

When I was in Crestone with Liz Sterling earlier this spring I had the opportunity to walk the magnificent Labyrinth at the Temple of Consciousness. Just as an aside the Temple of Consciousness was originally built by William and Barbra of the Sanctuary house and was their original location. The labyrinth was an interesting experience for me and I would like to share some of the things that occurred to me as I made my Journey.

First, I think a little background information is in order. The story of Theseus in the Labyrinth is not just a myth. This is really a metaphor for the decent of the soul into the lower three worlds connected by the golden thread of consciousness. The Labyrinth is a representation of the path of decent during involution and the eventual path of return upon which we all, as human beings, find ourselves.

Theseus (you) who was of both divine and human decent, used a golden thread provided by the beautiful Ariadne (the soul) out of her love for him to find the way back out of the Labyrinth (the lower three worlds) after slaying the Minotaur, (the lower self or “animal nature”), a half man half bull that had been placed at the center of the labyrinth.

Realizing all of the above I began my symbolic journey. Now this will not lead to any huge mystical insights and I hope that I am not building you up to a disappointment. Liz had instructed me to take my time and to stop any time the inclination hit me and just allow the experience to happen and whatever insights I may have to flow through me. This is what I found.

The path I was on was a twisting and turning convoluted walkway that from a distance looked like a flower. It is not a maze, because unless you screw up there is only one path which leads to the center and then back out. If you attempted to follow the entire path with your eyes it would be difficult even from above, although you can always easily see the goal, the center, where in this case, they had placed an enormous crystal. If you tried to follow the entire path from standing on it at any point, it is dizzying and basically impossible. Even if you could there is no real point. Just keep on keeping on and you will eventually arrive at the goal without having to predict every step along the way.

The LabrynthThe Labrynth
from above it looks like a flower
from above it looks like a flower

I remember a passage from one of the books about Don Juan, written by Carlos Castaneda. I can’t quote it or find it, I’ve tried, but the gist of it is this.

It is not necessary to determine every step upon an infinitely long journey. Once a general direction has been established it is only necessary to determine what will be the next few steps on the path. Any attempt to plot the entire step by step process is at best futile and at worst a delusion.

Do you see the parallels to the path, the infinitely long journey of the soul? From inside the labyrinth it is the best you can do to follow the next few steps and maybe the next two turns. We need to address what is directly in front of us and the ramifications of the immediate actions and not worry so much about what will be happening a year from now or ten years, or how long we may be traveling, once that general direction has been established. Pondering where it all leads and the purpose of the plan is not without merit, unless it stops you from taking care of the task at hand. This is the plight of the impractical visionary. Lofty goals and imaginings without action leave the visionary in the place he started.

My father, Anthony Fisichella used to tell a story about a Zen student who came to his Master one morning and asked; “Master, what can I do today to help myself find enlightenment?” The Master replied, “Have you eaten breakfast?” The student eagerly answered “yes..” The Master admonished him, “then go do the dishes!”

Service starts at home with the ones closest to you and there is a reason for that. Jesus told his followers that if they came to the temple bearing gifts and realized that they had offended their brother to leave their gifts, make amends with the brother and then return. All the lofty aspirations of the disciple are useless to the world if he is not first taking care of those closest to him. All future plans of great accomplishment are built on the foundations of the here and now. Take care of those around you and the next few steps on the path. Those few steps will lead to the next few and no plans for the final steps will need to be re-considered.

Love Light and Power



ISSSEEM Conference Day II

What a Day!

The first speaker of the day had to cancel so they had a spiritual comic who calls himself Swami Beyond Ananda and he was really good. Next up was Dean Radin and he was the best speaker of the conference so far. He started with some of the same information as Brian Greene from the day before. Talking about probability patterns, waves, and sub atomic particles. He said, and I’m going to get deeper into this in an article because the experiment they both referred to was fascinating, that Brian only needed to go one step further to discover the link. In my estimation it was really two step, but here is the gist of it. They found that if the experiment was altered by having some one observe it as it happened the probability pattern was altered. The effect of the observer was incredible. It altered the experiment dramatically. Then through further experimentation they had an advanced meditator “observe” the experiment form the next room with is mind and the same alteration occurred… Mind blowing!

Now this still does not prove the law of attraction, but that has been over simplified and misunderstood anyway. It does show that the mind is what science likes to call “non local” and interacts with the world independent of the physical brain. When they tried this with the average Joe it did not work, so it also demonstrated an undeniable effect of meditation… cool.

Next up was Larry Dossey, and his talk was interesting (but a little too long). He focused on the state of the “field” of energy medicine and some of the studies that have been done, what was being done well and what really should be changed in the approach for the future. He is an interesting guy and really knows what is going on in his field. He had some really good commentary and suggestions. The future studies would benefit from using his ideas, and I think some of them will inevitably be adopted.

After lunch we met with Lindsay Wagner in her room to do the radio interview as well as a piece Liz is preparing to do for Balance Magazine. I have always liked her and she seems so natural on television. I was really looking forward to meeting her but I would never have imagined how much time and attention she would end up giving us. She was so gracious and nice right from the beginning, but the conversation really opened up after the radio interview was done. She and Liz sat on her bed and I turned on the camcorder and it was like watching two friends at a slumber party within minutes. She opened up and talked about her life and family, the Bionic Woman, and her current and past service work. After the series ended she started working with prisoners in the LA County jail doing some of the therapies and modalities of healing she had learned out of necessity in her own life.

This is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever encountered in my life. She is so giving and her life and work reflects a consciousness that is truly benevolent and caring for all of humanity. She spent three and a half hours with us and performed a oneness blessing or Deeksha on both of us, similar to what Swamiji did for us at the Temple of Consciousness. This was different in its effect. I was either more receptive or sensitive or something, but I felt a physical effect for over an hour afterward and was literally High for hours, even after eating some dinner and driving the 50 miles or so back to Littleton. I was glowing, and loving it. She gave me a wonderful loving hug and we were off, literally and figuratively.

I’m running out of time and have to get ready to head back for the last day of the conference so that’s it for the moment. More tomorrow…


Lindsey Wagner and I at ISSSEEM