Key Seven – Spiritual Truth is Necessarily Given in Symbolism

Remember that when we talk and think in symbols we are placing something

between ourselves and reality – something protective, interpretive and

significant, but something nevertheless veiling and hiding.

The Master Djwahl Kuhl


Merriam Webster defines the word symbol as a noun: an action, object, event etc., that expresses or represents a particular idea or quality. Another definition I found was “a letter, group of letters, character, or picture that is used instead of a word or group of words.”

When we think of symbols, most of us think of pictograms and hieroglyphs but that is just one way of using symbols. A glyph generally looks like the object it represents. Language is a complex symbolic system in which the symbols do not look like the objects (or ideas) they represent. Words are symbols made of symbols, because letters are symbols too. The letters represent sounds which when uttered together can represent not only an object but a concept.

The word automobile doesn’t look like a car, but that is what we all get from the word because of our common experience in the world. Automobile simply means “moves by itself” but we have come to associate it throughout our culture as a car. It is a concept because it represents more than just one car but the idea of all cars. This concept of “car” means something slightly different to each person who hears or uses the word. The average driver has one interpretation, and the engineer has another, based on the diversity of their experience, but there is enough common experience for them to communicate about a car.

How deep does this idea go? That same car can represent success or failure to an individual. Other “status symbols” can make you feel success or achievement. Your entire life can be seen as symbolic of a certain kind of struggle to those around you or, if you gain notoriety to the country, or the world. Story tellers can use this symbolic language to teach us a moral through the life experiences of a fictional character, or select specific events in the life of a real person to get a certain type of point across. Some people may readily see the back story as it unfolds and others may need the author to explain it through the denouement.

We all see the same movie but walk away with a different impression. The life experience we bring to the theatre colors the way we interpret the story. This is what the writers of scripture and fable capitalize on when transmitting certain types of truth. When we move into the arena of faith, what is being transmitted by the backstory is the real story. When the idea is abstract, or as in the case of spiritual truth, must be experienced personally, a symbolic transmission of the truth is necessary. For instance, we cannot prove, or even define God. By most definitions it is indefinable (oddly enough). Even labeling it with the word God is a limitation so the Hebrew faith refers to the ultimate creator as “he about whom naught can be said.” Lao Tsu tells us that “the Tao that can be discussed is not the real Tao.”

If we cannot discuss it, or speak about it without distorting the idea, the only thing we have left is to point at it in a vague way from a number of different perspectives and hope the point gets through. For some people it will become clear and for some it will not. Some will gain a faint understanding and never see the whole picture. Some will not realize the story has a point at all. That is the continuum of understanding of spiritual truth. To someone who is unaware of the use of symbolism, or does not have the keys to unlock their meaning the truth remains veiled.

These are the people who will only see the literal meaning of a scripture. They see The New Testament as the story of the life and times of a Rabbi in Palestine. This can offer inspiration to their lives because of the things he went through and the experiences they have had throughout their lives may relate to his in some meaningful way. For others, with “eyes that see and ears that hear,” a deeper meaning is revealed. In the case of The New Testament, we have a story about the enlightenment of not only that particular Rabbi, but the path it takes for every single human being as we evolve our understanding about ourselves and the universe we share. If you are curious about this idea it is treated at length in my father Anthony J. Fisichella‘s last book. It was the final book of his Trilogy, “One Solitary Life” and it is titled “The Christ Epoch.”

There is another aspect to this use of symbolism when it relates to spiritual truth. The awareness of these ideas will empower someone in very specific ways. These truths can be used for the general good or selfish gain (evil). Power in the wrong hands is dangerous, so in order to preserve and communicate the truth it must be veiled from the profane. In the words of Geoffrey Hodson the symbolic presentation is use to “both conceal and reveal” the truth.

It is with these ideas in mind that we will explore the presentation of these spiritual ideas within the pages of my upcoming book “Spiritual Practicality – The Seven Keys to the Mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom.”


The Seven Keys – Key Four – All manifestation is cyclical. It is the result of, and conditioned by vibration.

The world around you is vibrating from every corner of existence. These vibrations sometimes harmonize, and sometimes they do not, but patterns emerge out of chaos like the autogenic effects we see in fluid dynamics. Like all of these keys, this is impersonal and factual. Science defines heat, and therefore energy itself, by molecular movement. There is perpetual motion in the universe at scales that we cannot imagine. The microwave background radiation famously and accidentally discovered by Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson are reverberations of the Big Bang that started our current great cycle or “Mahamavantara.” This is science’s version of Genesis, and since that moment when time, space, and matter began it has all been vibrating.

Ever notice that nearly everything floating around in space is round? There is no up or down in space so objects don’t make piles and liquids don’t make puddles. Gravity exists and affects everything, although this weakest of the physical forces requires a close relative proximity to be felt. If you are on the surface of the earth you feel it strongly and the moon, with its lower mass, has less ability to hold on to you. The sun holds the earth in its system because of their relative mass but we don’t feel its affect. The earth and sun are spheres, like every other large body in space and as they move and spin we see the cycles we have come to know as the seasons and days of our lives.

These cycles are caused by the very nature of the universe and they can be seen represented in every aspect of it. The orbit of the moon around the earth is as life giving at the radiation of the sun and the rotation of the earth allows for that radiation to ebb and flow just like the tides, caused by the gravity of the moon. All manifestation is cyclical. The earth’s path around the sun gives us our year and the tilt of its axis gives us the seasons. It’s not summer when we are the closest to the sun, but when the tilt of the earth makes the sunlight impact more directly. For us in the northern hemisphere that actually happens when we are farther away.

Why am I bringing all of this up? Because it is the nature of our universe and nothing escapes these cycles. Without them there is no life. Without day and night we would fry or freeze. Without the cycles of the tides provided by our moon there would be no life on earth. The seasons play their part and affect when animals and plants reproduce. You are a part of this universe and you are born of, and participate in this cyclical expression. Look around you and you will see that this fourth key is pivotal. Next we will look at how these systems and cycles are nested in one another.

The Seven Keys – Key Three – Consciousness is the result of the interaction of Spirit and Matter

In order to justify such an esoteric statement we will have to look to the scriptures of the world. Science has no opinion as of yet on creation. They start with the big bang, and that is fine. We are really concerned with the moment prior to creation so this is going to stay theoretical (just as the big bang is). Sorry, but the real answer is that only you can decide for yourself what the truth of this matter may be. Nothing like this can be proven except by the self, to the self. You will find that a recurring theme when it comes to this level of teaching. No one should insist you believe anything on their faith. Only your own intuition can tell you what is truth. Spiritual matters must be worked out by each individual conscious entity. We cannot communicate our experience of God or any of the universal truths through language, because it can only be used to relate common experience. you cannot describe “blue” to a color blind person, no matter how intense your experience of “blue” may be.

Most of the religious traditions of the earth are constructed around a trinity of equally divine aspects of the One Life. The Christian voices this as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. This Holy Spirit always confused me. Why is there no Mother aspect? If the father is spirit why does it appear again? Well, this is simply a distortion that came down through the cultures adhering to this particular doctrine. The Holy Ghost is matter imbued with the Spiritual Essence, and it is female. Matter is the feminine aspect. Spirit is positive, not because it is better or righteous, but because it posits. In the same way, matter is negative because it receives. In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna tells Arjuna “Having pervaded the whole universe with a fragment of myself, I remain.” This is a statement of that concept. Spirit, also known as the father, pervades pre-existent “proto matter” (mulaprakriti) which is in essence energy. Then it interacts with it, producing form and with it, consiousness. The Father, The Mother, and the Son. The son is consciousness. My father used to say “consciousness cannot be hung in a void.” There has to be something to be conscious, and something of which to be conscious. It requires, and is the result of the manifested universe.

The trinity has also been characterized in Hinduism as Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. The Buddhist refers to Atma, Buddhi, and Manas. The Hebrew faith refers to Kheter, Chokma, and Binah. The Theosophical Society and other researchers and teachers of the philosophy known as “The Ageless Wisdom” have characterized these aspects of divinity as Will, Love, and Active Intelligence. This more modern terminology serves the western mind more appropriately. In every case there is the male principal (Spirit, Will) interacting with the material or female aspect (Maya, Matter, Body), which is seen as organized by mind, producing the Son (Consciousness, Love, Soul). I slipped it in there but we have all heard of the trinity in terms of Spirit, Soul and Body as well. This falls perfectly in line with all of the other characterizations. Soul is another synonym for consciousness. Just as a side note, you may have noticed that I did not include Islam above. The tradition resists the trinity because the “three persons in one” seems to diminish in some way, the ultimate creator. My impression is that the trinity is a result (like everything else) of the One Life that animates all into manifestation. It is the first result of the creative process. The creator cannot be diminished by the act of creation.

This process is characterized in Genesis as God hovering over the waters and stirring into activity. God represents the unity from which all is derived. The waters represent this null or proto matter. The first thing that happens is a thought. I jokingly charachterize this as “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if there was light?” Then the words “let there be light” and vibrations separate light from the darkness and bring the manifested universe into being. Duality is created and instantly a relationship between the two aspects is seen as the trinity upon which all these systems are derived. More on that in the next post.

For now I’d like to close with the idea of evolution. I have been talking in religious terms about creation and most people think that evolution is a contradiction of the creative process, but it is an integral part of it. Eveything evolves. Your consciousness has evolved in the course of your lifetime, and humanity has become more conscious over Aeons. This process of the evolution of consciousness is layed out beautiflully in the book “Cosmic Consciousness” by Howard Maurice Bucke. Early scritpures and other writings make no reference to color or fragrance. The first references to color are reds. This is the low end of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum that were call visible light. It is possible that we have even evolved the ability to see color over time. Our understanding of the universe has changed dramatically in just the last few hundred years and it governs our behavior and interation with all we know.

We have evolved as a race, and are different just as you are different from the 5 year old you that you were. Think about it.

Is God Masculine?

God or Spirit is “masculine” only in that it posits into matter, the “female” Deity. The result is Soul or consciousness. This is the trinity of creation Spirit, Soul and Matter or Will, Love and Active intelligence. The Buddhists call it Atma Buddhi and Manas. The Hebrew uses Kether, Chokma, and Binas. It all means the same thing. I am a hylozoist and believe that this consciousness permeates everything and represents God immanent.
In the case of the human soul. It is matter and does occupy space. Man is in gods image a trinity of Will Love and Active intelligence, this also manifests as Spirit Soul and Personality. The Ppirit is Lebniz’s monad and is in a sense a spark of the divine flame, Moses’ all consuming fire. An analogy that I liked was ice cubes in the ocean. Still a part of the ocean in every way, but crystallized into an illusory separateness. That could be said of the soul itself as well as the monad.
The monad manifests on the second cosmic etheric plane called Anupadaka. It appropriates matter on the next three planes of manifestation Atmic, Buddhic, and Manasic (Manasic is the plane of the mind and that will come back in a moment). It sheathes itself in this matter forming what is called the Causal Body. The Soul the recapitulates the same process over and over as it forms and uses the different vehicles or bodies for each incarnation. As man evolves and learns to contact this soul he gains in his awareness and access to the world “behind the veil”. He gains access to what the soul has access to. At the fourth initiation this causal body in which the monad has expressed through countless lives is then discarded as well and the spiritual man ascends. This is what was personified by Christ at the Crucifixion. In the orient it is called the great renunciation.

The fact that the soul and the human mind occupy sub panes of the manasic plane is the key. Through meditation we can build a bridge between the lower concrete mind and the upper abstract mind. Its called the anthakarana or Rainbow Bridge and connects in it lower portion the two mentioned and in its upper portion the abstract mind and the soul. When that communication is made we are sensitive to impress from what Patanjali called the “raincloud of knowable things” in his Raja Yoga Sutras. He calls it this because of the way ideas precipitate down through the upper planes into the mind, and then through the emotional or astral plane into the physical world. This is the basis for thought form building. You get an idea (you do not create it) you infuse it with desire, and if you want id enough you act and it becomes a physical reality.

Meditation is the key to the contact of the soul, and the soul has access to everything else. (God Transcendent). The mental plane is the meeting ground or overlap where spirit and matter meet, as the Human Being is the meeting ground on the physical plane where Highest God and lowest animal meet. Mary rides on an ass in the Bible story carrying within her the Christ Consciousness. Symbolically my soul rides upon a dying animal.

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