The Journey – Horizontal Drift

So, I am back in Denver and had a great trip with some revelations, good and bad. Sometimes its necessary to take a break and do a self check to see if your going nutso or if you are on the right track. In my case I think both are true. I did go a little nutso, evidenced by my telling you all of this out loud and on-line. Scary stuff, but I’m not going to stop. I met an interesting guy this morning at a hot springs place I stayed last night. I needed a bed and this place has great water apparently with lots of lithium in it as well as other trace minerals. Its called Joyful Journeys. Anyway he had worked in politics and was a type “A” high achiever and had walked away from it. He does some state level stuff now but not the high pressure stuff that was eating him alive.

At one point he brought up a concept that uses a surfing term. When surfers paddle out past the breakers to wait for the next set of waves they just kind of tread water while they wait. The are not going out further and not coming in either but as the waves pass them the current moves them down the shoreline. They call this “horizontal drift.” In a sense that is where i am right now. Its like being in limbo and waiting for your fate but without the negative connotation. Patience is called for because you don’t want the next wave, you want the right wave. One that will carry you all the way in.

I do have choices. I am good at a lot of things. The right opportunity will present itself and I will recognize it, as long as I am watching. Then comes the time to paddle like hell to stay in front of it until you are carried along on it’s down slope which is continually generated behind you as you go. Interesting parallels to my situation. I got another lead today from the same recruiter and this one is in Denver, and it’s not a dealer. This could be it. But it may still be just an interim measure.

I am working on something in Crestone and with the sale of my house I may invest in a business. It won’t be shining shoes but I have some ideas. I have been doing some consulting work, which sounds fancier than it is. I’m just kind of doing little things for lots of people instead of lots of things for one company.

As far as the job search itself is concerned I did get a hit from my re-tooled resume and had a good phone interview from a cafe in Crestone. I mentioned two guys who I know that are working for this manufacturer and neither one of them could find it in their hearts to give me a nod. One said he wouldn’t hire me and the other couldn’t even say yes or no. Neither of these guys had any reason not to recommend me. One took over part of my responsibilities at a former blood sucking employer and left in less than a year. The other I just know in a surface way but he has pretended to be my friend and knows my last employer for decades. I don’t know who said what but it really doesn’t matter.

The guy who interviewed me is brand new with the company, which is a manufacturer. With regard to these two men, I think I’d rather be me than him. He has these two working for him. I now know that I can’t trust them and will never deal with either of them again. Be careful as to who you ask for help and who’s name you drop in this process. I would have been better off on my own. Its better to struggle to climb back up on your own when your hanging from the edge than to use one of you hands to reach out for something that’s not there.

The Journey – A quick update

So, I talked yesterday about the resume review and the fact that I updated mine and sent it out to a couple of recruiters. There has been a job opening for a manufacturer as a Sales Engineer that I first heard about at the end of March. They have had my resume since then and I have heard nothing. Late yesterday morning I checked email from this great little Cafe in Crestone and I have an interview scheduled. The resume that was attached with the recruiter’s notification… The new one. I only sent that out days ago. Just scored one against the machines. Its easier to fight the battle when you know who your opponent is.

I had a good night last night camping by a creek. I grabbed my camera and took a walk around the campsite and saw a trail head. I ended up doing about a five mile hike. I do like walking alone, in silence, but I found myself talking through some things. I don;t know where all of this is leading but its OK. I could end up with a security job again and I could even end up with another dealer. You do what you need to do, but stay open to all possibility. I could end up living at an Ashram and writing and teaching, recording music and helping people as a vocation. What better job than that?


The Journey Continued – Independence and the resume review

So, I left town and I’m in Crestone. I slept under the stars last nigh and it was great. Not too cold, until about 4:30. Then I felt it a bit and pulled back into my mummy bag as far as I could waiting for the sunrise. I’m glad to be out and about but this really is about re-creation after the world seemingly blew up around me. I know we are taught (and I teach) that we create our world as we go. That gives us full responsibility for were we are at any given moment, but you have to understand also that other creators are at work at the same time. We are living the dream within a dream with many other dreamers contributing. The woman who decided to break up my territory and give it to her friends was creating. The end result is that someone she never met lost his job… There will be Karma attached to that but not because she cost me my job and I’m in good with God. Intent is huge and if things go they way I think they will she did me a favor.

There is a guy who comes in to the place I used to work, (a mind numbing, soul killing company called Linx) to shine shoes. He is a gentleman and a total pro. Enough that it made you think, why is this guy shining shoes? Well it’s a significant question and enough of one that this guy was featured on CNN. He was a financial guy who lost his job in the crisis and took to this as a business venture because I guess he was too old and over qualified to work for someone else. Interesting… Many of us going through this kind of thing end up having to go independent, in part because of that and in part because we don’t exactly know how things work any more. Here is an example of something I learned last week.

I had a resume review from a job hunting website that pointed out some pretty important things about the old format of my resume. The most striking one was that when she told me to use a summary and critical areas of expertise section. She told me to jam it with searchable industry specific keywords like you would on a website. She said I obviously had great experience but that no human would ever likely read my resume because it would not come up high enough in the search results! No human!?!? They are basically using a google  search of the hundreds of resumes submitted for every job in this ridiculously competitive job market. The machines are taking over! No wonder I wasn’t getting calls. Now I have a butt-load of them in white at the bottom. The machines will see them but the people won’t. Fighting back in just as sneaky of a way, turnabout is fair play.

In the past, I have gotten an offer on almost every job I had ever applied for. Now not one in three months, and part of it is because no humans are involved and the ones that are are called hiring managers. You don’t get looked at by the people you will be working for. Its bizarre.


24 hours Alone in the Wilderness


This is the whole video of my 24 hrs in the wilderness outside Crestone Colorado. I had just dropped off Liz Sterling on her retreat and took off toward a beautiful Alpine Lake. The trail is Willow Creek Trail and I stop in a couple of places alone the way to talk about consciousness and spiritual learning. A wild Buck and a family of sheep visit my camp (the baby could not have been any cuter) and the breathtaking waterfalls form an unforgettable backdrop.



ISSSEEM and Crestone


I got up early this morning to go do some hammer drilling at a job site that won’t let me make noise during business hours. I just didn’t have it in me to run across town at 6:00 am (or so) to work for about an hour on a project that will not be finished today anyway… Its contract work and that is good but they didn’t tell me about this when I bid it so I’m a little mad. Anyway my mind is on different things. Liz Arrives today.

The ISSSEEM conference is this weekend and I am really excited about it. Liz just confirmed an interview with Lindsey Wagner (the bionic sleep number woman) who is a spokesperson for the organization. I really wanted to meet her (for silly star struck reasons) and now I know I will. I am really looking forward to this conference and learning about energy healing. I have been becoming more aware of my sensitivities and I am hoping this conference will open me up even further. Look for extensive video and blogging about this. I will be taping the complete interviews this time and doing what I can to cronicle the event.

After that we head back to Crestone on Tuesday and I am looking forward to that as well. We will camp a day or two, visit the mineral springs and head to the Haidakahndi Ashram for a day or two. Then I leave Liz at the Nada Hermitage and I think I’m going up into the hills by myself for a night. I will have all my gear and unless something is on fire here in Denver I’m not coming right back.I’ve been talking about a solo backpacking trip and even if its just one night I’m going in. Crestone and the surrounding area is just beautiful. Liz last saw it (as did most of you) covered in snow. Now it will be green and alive.


ISSSEEM Conference

Hi all,

I haven’t posted in a while but its time. I was reluctant to put anything up until people had a chance to find and  watch the Crestone Movie.  Things are popping again and  I have to get back to business.  I took a week off to take my daughter to Vegas to check out UNLV. We did a campus tour that I videoed (is that as word?) and I will post it to my you-tube channel asap. I did a pretty cool video of the Freemont street experience too just for kicks…

Liz and I are getting ready for our next adventure. She will be out later this month and we will try to do the recording we didn’t get to last time. Then we are attending the ISSSEEM conference. Its the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine and it should be fascinating. I will be bringing the camera and Liz is trying to get as many interviews as possible set up with the presenters. This is the 18th annual event for them and it focuses on the intent of the healer. Anyone who knows me knows how strongly I feel about intent in every situation.

My dad used to tell a story about it. He always said, its not what you do, its what you do… I’ll let the story explain. A Samurai warrior arrives at his temple to find his teacher murdered and vows to avenge this unjust killing as his dharma, or sacred duty. He follows this man for two years always seeming just a step behind. Finally he has the murderer trapped in an alley and raises his sword to kill him. In a last act of defiance the murderer spits in his face. The Samurai puts his sword away and turns to leave. The murderer is confused and yells at him.. That’s it? You follow me for years keeping me on the run and in fear for my life and now you just walk away? What is going on? The Samurai turns and says simply, I got angry.

What was a sacred duty would have at that moment become murder because he would have struck this man down in a fit of rage. The intent defines the action.

After the Conference Liz ands I w3ill go back to Crestone. We will start at the Haidakhandi Ashram for a couple of days and then i will be coming home. We will catch up with the friends we made and check in on the drilling situation. Liz will be staying there for a few weeks of retreat starting at The Nada Hermitage, a carmelite Monastary we featured in the video. Then she will be going to the Temple of consciousness and I believe she has at least one other stop.

I will be interviewing her before and after her retreat so that should be really interesting, just seeing the change after a month of living a completely different lifestyle.

Also, I know I have been saying this but the new website for is almost done. I have been checking it at my webmasters site and the content is building. Its totally exciting and I can’t wait until you can all see it.

The Higher Ground Crestone Movie (full length)


This is the full length video I made on the Crestone trip. Its almost 40 minutes long but I believe you will find it interesting to watch. It has parts of the interviews with Lorraine Fox Davis of Rediscovery Four Corners and World Peace and Prayer Day, Connie and Susan at the Nada Hermitage – A Carmelite Monastery, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, who is the 19th Generation holder of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe and a spiritual leader of the tribes that make up the Sioux Nation, and Samiji, the spiritual Master of the Temple of Consciousness Ashram. There is also a piece with Matthew at the Shumei International Temple where he explains a bit about the area geographically as well as how it was created as a meeting ground  for all spiritual disciplines by Hanna Strong. There were other interviews with William and Barbara of Sanctuary House, Ram Loti of the Haidakandi Universal Ashram where we stayed and Dave Davis, a specialist in advanced structural integration. I didn’t get to videotape them but we have audio.

This was in the course of three days. It was all consuming and I have to say everyone we met was wonderful. Opening their temples and in some cases their homes to us. It was amazing. The video is in a chronological order for the trip. We swith Lorraine and ended with Swamiji. It is such a close knit community. I have to tell this little story. We were with Lorraine and she was talking about the elements of wind fire and water and Liz asked a question about the wind. As if to answer her itself the wind kicked up an incredible whirl where it had been silent before. It took us all by surprise.

The next day at the Shumei Institute we brought it up and they had already heard the story. This place is a microcosm of what the world can and (I believe) will be. All of these traditions acknowledge and love each other in one small place. Native American, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, Japanese Shumei, and many we did not visit.

They are all getting along and better than that, thriving. It gave me new hope for mankind. You don’t get more devout than living in a Monastery or Ashram. If they can acknowledge the divinity in each others traditions why do we have to question it?

I hope you enjoy seeing this as much as I enjoyed making it.




Liz Sterling Will have audio available with the entire interviws and a montage piece is planned as well.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

The Nada Hermitage

Haidakhandi Universal Ashram

Sanctuary House

Shumei International Institute

The Temple of Consciousness

An NPR Piece on the drilling

More on the drilling


Crestone and Spirituality

What a week!

Last Tuesday Liz Sterling, a close friend and a radio talk show host in South Florida, arrived in Colorado to do some recording in my studio and take a trip to Crestone to visit some of the 23 spiritual centers there. I had been anticipating the trip but it was way more than I expected. We stayed at the Haidakandi Ashram for three days and Liz did interviews with 9 of the spiritual leaders in the area. I will be posting pix and making a video out of the footage I shot there.

What a place! It is beautiful and there are such great people. We went from one brilliant mind to another over the course of the three days talking about spirituality with a diverse group that ranged from a Catholic Carmelite Monastery to a Japanese Shumei Temple and two Hindu Ashrams. We talked to people from “New Age” and Native American belief systems and they all know and love each other. What is really impressive is that they all had about the same things to say. They talked about unity and love and the fact that we are all headed to the same place no matter what “religious” system we relate to.

At the Ashram I got to play a hand drum during the morning Aarati chanting ceremony and participate in the Fire ceremony at the full moon as well. It was interesting to see how devoted and loving they were in their prayers. It is run by a wonderful woman named Ramloti and you can do the same and visit this Ashram if you like. I’ll get links up on the Higher-Ground site ASAP. They live completely off the grid using photocells to generate electricity and gravity fed stream water. They have a generator for emergencies or if the get a few sunless days in a row but rarely have to start it.

What we didn’t know until just before heading there is that they are in an epic battle to save the land from drilling by a Canadian company. They wanted to tap a huge underground aquifer and lost that fight, so now they are trying to drill for natural gas they don’t even know exists. I think it is a ploy to start work there and then take the water. The whole community is against it, but while they own their land they don’t own the mineral rights. Stay tuned for more on this as we put the information together.