Hi everyone,

Well we just went through our first full day of the ISSSEEM conference. The opening dinner and talk the night before was really nice (except for the food). We had nice conversation with the people at our table, which included a family from Japan. The woman was a medical doctor and when I suggested that the medical establishment in the US had to get out of its own way, or something to that effect she said that we were better and more open to alternate medicine here than in Japan, That surprised me quite a bit. I thought we were pretty stiff in this country as far as that kind of thing goes. Japan has ancient medicines and other traditions that I figured were probably still revered. It seems like a culture that would be into preserving that aspect of its heritage but I guess it’s very underground.

So here is my take on all of that. As we have grown in our scientific knowledge we have become arrogant in what we have accomplished. It is a great achievement or a more accurately a series of great achievements without a doubt. We have gained in our intellectual understanding day by day for a couple of hundred years of industrial and now informational revolution but we are failing to hold on to the valuable things we already had.

One of the interviews we did yesterday was Dean Radin. He is one of the scientists who is open to the idea that science is on its way toward proving some of the intuitional things we all know and also what mystics have been telling us about consciousness, God and energy. Quantum mechanics is not new, although it is treated as if it is this great new idea. These theories have evolved since the early 1900’s and as they have been refined and or capabilities have grown, the image of the manifested universe has morphed. They have been looking for a unifying theory that will tie up the loose ends. We have physics which covers the tangible world and then a different set of rules that govern objects in the atomic and sub atomic worlds. They are now talking “String Theory” which actually does the trick mathematically once they expand theoretically into ten dimensions rather than the three we can detect with our senses. I can’t imagine the math it would take to get an extra 7 dimensions to reconcile the inside out situation created by a physical science that had to accept the idea that objects of different sizes behave differently but these guys do.

Brian Greene, a physicist, did the first presentation of the day and it was based on all of what I just related. He was asked about the “Law of Attraction” ala The Secret and stated very clearly that quantum physics does not prove the law of attraction in any way shape or form. He said he thought that linking the two was irresponsible and even dangerous. You can imagine the way this energy medicine crowd responded to that. It almost hijacked his entire talk. He did concede that there are appropriate metaphors, but stated unequivocally that there is no empirical link. That is what science looks for and he had not seen it.

That is what I think is the beauty of science and also the limitations, as well as the source of that arrogance. If I can’t prove it repeatedly I can’t accept it into the body of what we refer to as knowledge. Donna Eden did a really nice demonstration of energy medicine with muscle testing and different techniques which underscore some of the things we all know intuitively. We are all bundles of energy and we affect each-other’s energy fields when we are in close proximity. We all know if you walk in to a room full of happy people you will feel better immediately, and one person in a bad mood at the office can ruin the day and the mood of everyone else there… unless there are scientists.

More to come… Its 6:30am and I have to get to Boulder.

ISSSEEM Conference

Hi all,

I haven’t posted in a while but its time. I was reluctant to put anything up until people had a chance to find and  watch the Crestone Movie.  Things are popping again and  I have to get back to business.  I took a week off to take my daughter to Vegas to check out UNLV. We did a campus tour that I videoed (is that as word?) and I will post it to my you-tube channel asap. I did a pretty cool video of the Freemont street experience too just for kicks…

Liz and I are getting ready for our next adventure. She will be out later this month and we will try to do the recording we didn’t get to last time. Then we are attending the ISSSEEM conference. Its the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine and it should be fascinating. I will be bringing the camera and Liz is trying to get as many interviews as possible set up with the presenters. This is the 18th annual event for them and it focuses on the intent of the healer. Anyone who knows me knows how strongly I feel about intent in every situation.

My dad used to tell a story about it. He always said, its not what you do, its what you do… I’ll let the story explain. A Samurai warrior arrives at his temple to find his teacher murdered and vows to avenge this unjust killing as his dharma, or sacred duty. He follows this man for two years always seeming just a step behind. Finally he has the murderer trapped in an alley and raises his sword to kill him. In a last act of defiance the murderer spits in his face. The Samurai puts his sword away and turns to leave. The murderer is confused and yells at him.. That’s it? You follow me for years keeping me on the run and in fear for my life and now you just walk away? What is going on? The Samurai turns and says simply, I got angry.

What was a sacred duty would have at that moment become murder because he would have struck this man down in a fit of rage. The intent defines the action.

After the Conference Liz ands I w3ill go back to Crestone. We will start at the Haidakhandi Ashram for a couple of days and then i will be coming home. We will catch up with the friends we made and check in on the drilling situation. Liz will be staying there for a few weeks of retreat starting at The Nada Hermitage, a carmelite Monastary we featured in the video. Then she will be going to the Temple of consciousness and I believe she has at least one other stop.

I will be interviewing her before and after her retreat so that should be really interesting, just seeing the change after a month of living a completely different lifestyle.

Also, I know I have been saying this but the new website for is almost done. I have been checking it at my webmasters site and the content is building. Its totally exciting and I can’t wait until you can all see it.