Quantum Creativity Part II


So, all of creation consists of some intangible essence bouncing back and forth from a manifested state to an energetic condition we can only call un-manifest. This is called by science the zero point field and in religious teaching Spirit. It is that potential yet un-manifest field of energy packets or quanta from which all manifestation arises. This is the source-less source, the causeless cause, or God, or Life, or whatever your intuition tells you is the best name for an unknowable root cause for all existence… and guess what? It’s not matter or material in any way we use that term.

That is weird. Especially to a scientist. The bigger question for me is, what is controlling when that manifestation happens? How can matter be the fundamental building block of the universe and the ground of all being if it is only there some of the time? This is where the theoretical physicist comes into alignment in a really uncomfortable way with the mystic investigator or occultist; this zero point field represents the void of Genesis prior to creation and is referred to in Sanskrit as mulaprakriti or virgin pre-matter matter. Manifested existence is caused by vibration or as Genesis tells us symbolically, sound. The first act was not the separation of light from darkness but the word or Logos. “Let there be light.”

Let’s talk about this probability pattern or “wave function” we touched on in part one because it becomes central to our discussion. It is the idea that if you have an electron or some other subatomic particle bouncing around on the inside of a box there are areas of that enclosed space that the electron has a higher or lower possibility of being if and when we look for it.

Scientifically we cannot say where it is but only the likelihood of any particular location and so it has to be considered to be potentially in all of them at the same time. It is a wave of possibility or potentiality. According to what is known as the Copenhagen interpretation of wave particle duality the act of observation is what collapses the wave into a particle. This effect of observation is widely, although not universally accepted and is the basis for much of the scientific investigation going on right now.

But what has any of this got to do with spirituality and the pursuit of increasing levels of consciousness? It is the implication that the collapse of wave like energy pattern into solid form is caused by conscious observation. Matter is not the ground of all being but consciousness is!

Now consider what the essence of a human being is in reality. I am not a physical body, I have one. I am not any particular emotional state. I experience these energies through a tuned mechanism. I am not my thoughts; I have a mind. It is a mechanism for response to and the organization of mental energetic matter. I have the ability in my imagination, the imaging faculty of that mind, to combine these contacted energies and assemble them in new ways, to create, but the mind does not do this on its own. I must direct my mind at this task, but who am I? And does it take a human consciousness to cause this collapse or as Einstein once joked, “would a sidelong glance from a mouse suffice?”

Most of us believe in the human soul and see it as the observer within, and I will tell you now that even that is a vehicle for the true essence of you. You are an expression of that causeless cause as it grows in awareness of itself. What Saint Paul said was “above all through all and in you all” but for many of us, identification with that observer is the next step in our development. You are the observer within and because of what we have been exploring, we are being given scientific support for the concept of that observer being an aspect of the creative agent in the universe.

If observation is what collapses a wave of potentiality into a solid measurable particle than the observer is the creator and the ground of all being is not the material result or the energetic precursor, but the consciousness of the onlooker. The question, “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear, does it make a sound?” becomes if there is no one there to hear (a conscious observer)… is there a forest at all? The teachings tell us that the forest is conscious so the answer would be yes. The ground of being is not matter but consciousness; and this consciousness expresses itself on many levels including you. You are the creator of the universe in a condition of confused and defocussed ability because you are attempting to function on the physical plane.

God/Life/ the force/ the quantum field… made man in his own image. This does not mean he looks like your body. It means that you are a lower correspondence to, or a reflection of, that creative essence and so on your own plane, a creator. When we look at ourselves in a mirror we are identifiable, as is anything we see reflected off of a surface as pristine as a mirror, but a dimension is lost in the process and the “image” does not retain the depth of the original. If the surface is distorted so will be the image. If the reflector is covered in dust or dirt or if there is a fog between the object and the reflector even more will be lost.

The reflector in this case is the mind, and the level of accuracy in the reflected image is dependent on the clarity of mind. All is energy and energy follows thought. Your consciousness directs your thought patterns and so the teachings have told us that whatever you focus your mind upon most will become your reality. Your thoughts create your world, so why does life seem empty to some of us? And why haven’t we all won the lotto no matter how sure we have been that our numbers were up?

It is because we can’t all win. We can’t all even get the green light. What we can do is surround ourselves with positive creative loving thought forms and work every day toward a harmless and giving attitude with gratitude for every opportunity to learn and grow. This aligns our will and intention with Spiritual Will or what Andrew Cohen refers to as the evolutionary impulse; that driving force behind manifestation. Who do you want on your team?

The problem is that our petty desires are not usually on the agenda of the universal mind. We may have to redirect our energy in order to align with such a high aspect of our universal nature. This is not aligning ourselves with some outside and interfering force but with the highest aspects we are capable of contacting within ourselves.

You and I are reflections of this creative force who have lost consciousness of the whole. As we become clearer of mind and remove the fog and miasma of our emotional turmoil we become more accurate in our recreation of the image of God/ life/ the force in our lives. Since that is our true essence and we are all a part of the original creative principal this means we become better more consciously directed versions of ourselves and better more beneficent creators on the physical plane.

Using that impulse and infusing it with spiritual aspiration rather than physical plane desires we create our world in a different way with a different intent. You are consciousness… your job is to wake up. Begin to look at the life you are creating and see where you may be able to change your approach to get better results. All is Energy and energy follows thought. Think. In order to create something out of the pure potential it has to start with thought. Before God said “let there be light” he thought, wow, it would be really cool if there was light.

It starts with an idea but that is not enough. We have to want it and this desire galvanizes our will to act. This is the creative process that has made your life what it is today. If you want to see change in circumstance you must change what you are thinking. The mind is the reflector which brings spirit into manifestation on the lower planes.

Recognition of this sets up a new creative rhythm in harmony with the underlying causes bringing consciousness to a higher level of self-awareness through manifestation in form. The universe has no choice but to respond to this new rhythm and vibration just as the air has no choice but to resonate with the vibration of my voice or the frequencies of the words I create on the physical plane, or the ideas behind them, or my hope and desire to have you understand them… or a guitar string.

Krishnamurti once said that “the eagle has no intent to cast his shadow and the lake has no mind to receive it.” Each simply plays its part in the perfection of the universe by being true to its own nature. Your nature is that of a creator. Create.

ISSSEEM overview

So the conference portion of the conference is over. That sounds funny but its pretty accurate. They are now holding workshops and certification classes, a process that started before the conference itself. This is an extremely impressive group. The degrees and backgrounds, including many in conventional medical professions and an array of the  sciences is amazing.

The presentations on the last day were all open with the entire group together rather than some part of the day dedicated to “breakout sessions” where you have to chose between topics and speakers. Lindsay Wagner opened and talked about her studies and her work with children and in the LA County Jail system. Then she talked about the Deeksha or “Oneness Blessing” she had learned in India with Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma. Then she suggested the audience find ways on the floor or across chairs, to lay down for the actual blessing. I had experienced Deeksha once before in Crestone and the day before with Lindsay. Normally the hands are placed on the head of the person being blessed and a visualization is carried out by the practitioner, for lack of a better word. In this case with 400 people that was obviously not possible. The experience of the day before was brought back and I had a very euphoric feeling. She plays specific music with some hindu chanting which is quite beaautiful but also tuned to this blessing.

The next presentation was a panel taken from both ISSSEEM and ACEP, the association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. It was a good discussion on varied aspects of the work in the fields and it was handled with some humor and a bottle of wine, reprising a past experience and serving to losten up some scientists into having fun. I was taken by Dr. David Gruders statements. I liked what he had to say on every topic in which he participated. I bought his book The New IQ and its coming with me up into the Mountains…

Liz and I leave this Morning for Crestone. I’ll be dragging her up into the mountains and leving her there.. but I might have used bthat joke already. If so.. Sorry.

Any way after a day in the woods and a day at the Ashram I’m going to head up to the peaks on a solo mission. Look for video.

I may not be able to blog but I will be writing, so it may all come as one big blast.

Love Light and Power,


ISSSEEM Conference Day II

What a Day!

The first speaker of the day had to cancel so they had a spiritual comic who calls himself Swami Beyond Ananda and he was really good. Next up was Dean Radin and he was the best speaker of the conference so far. He started with some of the same information as Brian Greene from the day before. Talking about probability patterns, waves, and sub atomic particles. He said, and I’m going to get deeper into this in an article because the experiment they both referred to was fascinating, that Brian only needed to go one step further to discover the link. In my estimation it was really two step, but here is the gist of it. They found that if the experiment was altered by having some one observe it as it happened the probability pattern was altered. The effect of the observer was incredible. It altered the experiment dramatically. Then through further experimentation they had an advanced meditator “observe” the experiment form the next room with is mind and the same alteration occurred… Mind blowing!

Now this still does not prove the law of attraction, but that has been over simplified and misunderstood anyway. It does show that the mind is what science likes to call “non local” and interacts with the world independent of the physical brain. When they tried this with the average Joe it did not work, so it also demonstrated an undeniable effect of meditation… cool.

Next up was Larry Dossey, and his talk was interesting (but a little too long). He focused on the state of the “field” of energy medicine and some of the studies that have been done, what was being done well and what really should be changed in the approach for the future. He is an interesting guy and really knows what is going on in his field. He had some really good commentary and suggestions. The future studies would benefit from using his ideas, and I think some of them will inevitably be adopted.

After lunch we met with Lindsay Wagner in her room to do the radio interview as well as a piece Liz is preparing to do for Balance Magazine. I have always liked her and she seems so natural on television. I was really looking forward to meeting her but I would never have imagined how much time and attention she would end up giving us. She was so gracious and nice right from the beginning, but the conversation really opened up after the radio interview was done. She and Liz sat on her bed and I turned on the camcorder and it was like watching two friends at a slumber party within minutes. She opened up and talked about her life and family, the Bionic Woman, and her current and past service work. After the series ended she started working with prisoners in the LA County jail doing some of the therapies and modalities of healing she had learned out of necessity in her own life.

This is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever encountered in my life. She is so giving and her life and work reflects a consciousness that is truly benevolent and caring for all of humanity. She spent three and a half hours with us and performed a oneness blessing or Deeksha on both of us, similar to what Swamiji did for us at the Temple of Consciousness. This was different in its effect. I was either more receptive or sensitive or something, but I felt a physical effect for over an hour afterward and was literally High for hours, even after eating some dinner and driving the 50 miles or so back to Littleton. I was glowing, and loving it. She gave me a wonderful loving hug and we were off, literally and figuratively.

I’m running out of time and have to get ready to head back for the last day of the conference so that’s it for the moment. More tomorrow…


Lindsey Wagner and I at ISSSEEM


Hi everyone,

Well we just went through our first full day of the ISSSEEM conference. The opening dinner and talk the night before was really nice (except for the food). We had nice conversation with the people at our table, which included a family from Japan. The woman was a medical doctor and when I suggested that the medical establishment in the US had to get out of its own way, or something to that effect she said that we were better and more open to alternate medicine here than in Japan, That surprised me quite a bit. I thought we were pretty stiff in this country as far as that kind of thing goes. Japan has ancient medicines and other traditions that I figured were probably still revered. It seems like a culture that would be into preserving that aspect of its heritage but I guess it’s very underground.

So here is my take on all of that. As we have grown in our scientific knowledge we have become arrogant in what we have accomplished. It is a great achievement or a more accurately a series of great achievements without a doubt. We have gained in our intellectual understanding day by day for a couple of hundred years of industrial and now informational revolution but we are failing to hold on to the valuable things we already had.

One of the interviews we did yesterday was Dean Radin. He is one of the scientists who is open to the idea that science is on its way toward proving some of the intuitional things we all know and also what mystics have been telling us about consciousness, God and energy. Quantum mechanics is not new, although it is treated as if it is this great new idea. These theories have evolved since the early 1900’s and as they have been refined and or capabilities have grown, the image of the manifested universe has morphed. They have been looking for a unifying theory that will tie up the loose ends. We have physics which covers the tangible world and then a different set of rules that govern objects in the atomic and sub atomic worlds. They are now talking “String Theory” which actually does the trick mathematically once they expand theoretically into ten dimensions rather than the three we can detect with our senses. I can’t imagine the math it would take to get an extra 7 dimensions to reconcile the inside out situation created by a physical science that had to accept the idea that objects of different sizes behave differently but these guys do.

Brian Greene, a physicist, did the first presentation of the day and it was based on all of what I just related. He was asked about the “Law of Attraction” ala The Secret and stated very clearly that quantum physics does not prove the law of attraction in any way shape or form. He said he thought that linking the two was irresponsible and even dangerous. You can imagine the way this energy medicine crowd responded to that. It almost hijacked his entire talk. He did concede that there are appropriate metaphors, but stated unequivocally that there is no empirical link. That is what science looks for and he had not seen it.

That is what I think is the beauty of science and also the limitations, as well as the source of that arrogance. If I can’t prove it repeatedly I can’t accept it into the body of what we refer to as knowledge. Donna Eden did a really nice demonstration of energy medicine with muscle testing and different techniques which underscore some of the things we all know intuitively. We are all bundles of energy and we affect each-other’s energy fields when we are in close proximity. We all know if you walk in to a room full of happy people you will feel better immediately, and one person in a bad mood at the office can ruin the day and the mood of everyone else there… unless there are scientists.

More to come… Its 6:30am and I have to get to Boulder.

ISSSEEM and Crestone


I got up early this morning to go do some hammer drilling at a job site that won’t let me make noise during business hours. I just didn’t have it in me to run across town at 6:00 am (or so) to work for about an hour on a project that will not be finished today anyway… Its contract work and that is good but they didn’t tell me about this when I bid it so I’m a little mad. Anyway my mind is on different things. Liz Arrives today.

The ISSSEEM conference is this weekend and I am really excited about it. Liz just confirmed an interview with Lindsey Wagner (the bionic sleep number woman) who is a spokesperson for the organization. I really wanted to meet her (for silly star struck reasons) and now I know I will. I am really looking forward to this conference and learning about energy healing. I have been becoming more aware of my sensitivities and I am hoping this conference will open me up even further. Look for extensive video and blogging about this. I will be taping the complete interviews this time and doing what I can to cronicle the event.

After that we head back to Crestone on Tuesday and I am looking forward to that as well. We will camp a day or two, visit the mineral springs and head to the Haidakahndi Ashram for a day or two. Then I leave Liz at the Nada Hermitage and I think I’m going up into the hills by myself for a night. I will have all my gear and unless something is on fire here in Denver I’m not coming right back.I’ve been talking about a solo backpacking trip and even if its just one night I’m going in. Crestone and the surrounding area is just beautiful. Liz last saw it (as did most of you) covered in snow. Now it will be green and alive.


ISSSEEM Conference

Hi all,

I haven’t posted in a while but its time. I was reluctant to put anything up until people had a chance to find and  watch the Crestone Movie.  Things are popping again and  I have to get back to business.  I took a week off to take my daughter to Vegas to check out UNLV. We did a campus tour that I videoed (is that as word?) and I will post it to my you-tube channel asap. I did a pretty cool video of the Freemont street experience too just for kicks…

Liz and I are getting ready for our next adventure. She will be out later this month and we will try to do the recording we didn’t get to last time. Then we are attending the ISSSEEM conference. Its the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine and it should be fascinating. I will be bringing the camera and Liz is trying to get as many interviews as possible set up with the presenters. This is the 18th annual event for them and it focuses on the intent of the healer. Anyone who knows me knows how strongly I feel about intent in every situation.

My dad used to tell a story about it. He always said, its not what you do, its what you do… I’ll let the story explain. A Samurai warrior arrives at his temple to find his teacher murdered and vows to avenge this unjust killing as his dharma, or sacred duty. He follows this man for two years always seeming just a step behind. Finally he has the murderer trapped in an alley and raises his sword to kill him. In a last act of defiance the murderer spits in his face. The Samurai puts his sword away and turns to leave. The murderer is confused and yells at him.. That’s it? You follow me for years keeping me on the run and in fear for my life and now you just walk away? What is going on? The Samurai turns and says simply, I got angry.

What was a sacred duty would have at that moment become murder because he would have struck this man down in a fit of rage. The intent defines the action.

After the Conference Liz ands I w3ill go back to Crestone. We will start at the Haidakhandi Ashram for a couple of days and then i will be coming home. We will catch up with the friends we made and check in on the drilling situation. Liz will be staying there for a few weeks of retreat starting at The Nada Hermitage, a carmelite Monastary we featured in the video. Then she will be going to the Temple of consciousness and I believe she has at least one other stop.

I will be interviewing her before and after her retreat so that should be really interesting, just seeing the change after a month of living a completely different lifestyle.

Also, I know I have been saying this but the new website for Higher-Ground.com is almost done. I have been checking it at my webmasters site and the content is building. Its totally exciting and I can’t wait until you can all see it.