Media Bias

So I promised to write and then took some time off. I hope the picture makes up for it. I have been exploring Alaska with my friend Ralph since the 4th. Its been a great trip, but much has happened in the last week or so. I am going to do something I don’t usually do and that is complain about media bias, but the true media bias that exists not some imagined liberal bias.

The true bias of the main stream media, and by that I mean the established media, like the Washington Post and the newer outlets like CNN, which is much more prone to this because they are TV news. If the bias was truly towards liberal ideas things in this country would be in better shape and liberals would win elections, but sadly, its not. It is a bias towards sensationalism because everything is based on ratings. Ratings don’t have as much to do with content as much as they do with entertainment value. That is why they will have some idiot mouthpiece on the “other side” of every story whether there is another side or not. More to come on that.

Earlier this week we heard the battle of words bubbling over the top between a self absorbed insecure and inexperienced head of state, whose only real concern is for his own power and only goal is to gain international respect, and Kim Jong Un. We were told that we may be on the brink of World War III because of the taunting that was going on between these two saber rattling crazy people who seemed willing to start a war over who was the toughest talker. Some of the talking heads were really quite concerned, and there was discussion over whether Trump had painted himself into a corner by talking about fire and fury. And he may have. Now he may have to back down which he is not going to be any good at (be honest) or start a war just to not back down. This is not a choice we want this President making.

Then, like from out of nowhere the focus turned to Charlottesville, VA where we had a bunch of white supremacists including neo nazis and the KKK having a rally. Yes, a KKK rally with swastika flag carrying American “patriots” ready to take our country back and fulfill the promises of Donald Trump, according to David Duke, undoubtedly the most famous KKK member in modern times. I won’t get into why there should be anybody in the KKK “in modern times” because, well I just can’t. For a bit of historical reference, the KKK never controlled our country and the closest the Nazi party has come was when George H.W. Bush’s father Prescott attempted a coup to install a Nazi like government in the US and was ratted out by a general officer who’s name escapes me, but, I digress…

Counter protesters showed up which is good because we need the other side of that story for sure. Now, I don’t want to be biased in my views but the Nazis came to party. They were wearing body armour and helmets etc. Violence broke out between the groups which they were obviously anticipating and a guy who had driven in from Ohio, because there evidently aren’t enough Nazis in Virginia, drove a car into the counter protesters injuring 19 people an killing one of them before he fled the scene.

Did you notice I stopped talking about North Korea and the brinksmanship that was about to bring on World War III? Yeah… we didn’t start the week or even this article with Charlottesville. All of the sudden that didn’t matter any more because we had reporters on a scene that could get violent again any moment. More entertainment value. That’s the bias. Lets keep going though. Live violence trumps nuclear war I guess.

Trumpo came out to denounce the violence (that was actually a typo but I liked it so I left it) but once again, he went off script and blew it. On purpose. At first I didn’t really know if the talking heads were being fair. He denounced the violence on “many sides” but failed to call it what it was; a hate crime by white supremacists. It did create a false equivalency between those who were demonstrating for the right to hate and intimidate people and killed a woman in the process, and those who were there to say that’s no what we do here in America, and didn’t kill anyone. It was a mistake but were they reading too much into it? I don’t like Trump. The majority of us don’t. I thought this might be just his normal ham handed bullshit, but it wasn’t.

I saw some additional video where he was asked by reporters specific questions about the support he gets from these Nazis and the KKK and he turned around to go back to the mic. Then he said, they want me to sign the bill over there. He refused to denounce them, the violence or white supremacy in general again after the bill signing. These people are his base. He needs them so he had to leave it blank and let his staff fill that blank later. “Of course when he denounced violence he meant Nazis and the KKK as well…” That was their line, but the Nazis knew the message. They stated so on their sites. He kept their support. Nice job.

So, not only do we have a Nazi problem IN THIS COUNTRY after spending blood and treasure in WWII defeating them. Adolph as a name was ruined forever but these guys think he was right. If that is not scary enough, our president is their hero. He knows it and uses it, which is either a political manipulation and he does not believe what they believe but is using them, or he does share those views and he is actually more of a Nazi than a Republican. He lies to the country daily, so your guess is as good as mine.

Oh, and I hope he does not start a war today (nuclear or otherwise) no matter what Kim does. I think at his core he is a bully and a pussy but this is a war he will send others to die in, so again your guess is as good as mine.DSC05336