Energy Follows Thought

We have all heard this phrase but I would like to go into a bit of depth as to what it means to raise it up a bit above a catch phrase or platitude. It is a fundamental tenet of esoteric thought. Genesis tells us that “In the beginning the Earth was null and void and darkness was upon the deep”. The first question that should bring to mind is “what is the deep?” We’ll get to that in a moment. This nothingness then stirred and God said “Let there be Light”, and divided light from the darkness. It was an act of pure spiritual will through the use of the divine mind. We haven’t actually divided the light from the darkness (its obvious source) only the idea has actually been created. A thought either created or accessed by the divine mind.


The mind created the idea before the will was able to manifest it, empowered by the desire to see it manifest. This is “the deep.” The astral or desire plane is always associated with liquid and usually water. It is interesting also that instead of just doing it we see that God crystallized this idea or thought form in a mantra or word of power; “Let there be light,” and then created a physical plane change through his desire. Thus the first manifested result of the omniscient being at the center of our system is organized sound, or vibration, and after that all that will ever be in the world is a product of vibration. The word Logos is used to describe this entity in manifestation and literally means “word”.

Now why is any of this important? This first act of creation out of the mind of God is repeated in every other creative act on every level in every plane and it is used by you and I to create our world. We have talked about resonance and how we attract into our reality the things we think about most, but when we conceive of an idea and build a better mouse trap, we are the creator in the microcosm. Nothing is created without first being imagined. There has to be that moment when the creator says “wouldn’t it be cool if…” in this case the rest would be “there was light”. The image making faculty of consciousness is the imagination. When we visualize and idea we are creating an image. The energy and potential of the thought form is based on the ability of the consciousness that created, accessed, or simply organized it. We do this constantly but with little result because we are not very good a focusing our minds. The idea may just pass.

If the desire is strong enough then it is brought into physical “reality”. It is and always has been energy and has simply been organized at different levels until it has fully crystallized. The will of God creates through the love of God as do you and I.

The organizing force in this process of creation is mind. It may be the universal mind or the mind of an individual creator of some level of consciousness like that of a Logos or a human being. The process is the same. Creation is governed by the intelligence of the system.

When we imagine or visualize something we are building in mental matter. Although it is interwoven with desire, another necessary aspect of the process, the mind is always the organizing force. If we are effective at visualizing what we want to “see” come about we will be more effective at bringing it about. Visualization is an important aspect of meditation because of this. We are learning to create, and through training we are taught to visualize in accordance with the things that the teacher see’s and knows as fact. The creative process and the ability to make changes are being used along proven lines and will be improved greatly. We will eventually find our way but time can be gained through a guided and monitored approach to meditation. There are pitfalls that can be avoided on the way.

What we need to keep in mind is that there is a collective human consciousness that is creating all the time as well. Groups and subgroups of subconscious and super-conscious entities creating in mental and astral matter and this is what decides the directions in which our societies move. There is a unique way that each nationality approaches life because of its group identity. It is responsible for the beautiful colorations in cultural expression throughout the world and the thought provoking effect that is the result of some one individual swimming upstream.

It is fairly easy for us to create in line with the over-riding dream of our society and the planet herself, but to create something extraordinary requires much more personal power. These are the people we say are “on a mission” and will not be denied. Their vision is so clear and the desire so strong that nothing will deter them from seeing is brought to a reality. This is why the training in business can produce, once a redirection of focus is triggered, a student of the spiritual sciences that will excel in these endeavors as well.

This is the reason for goal orientation and all of the attention that gets in business training. We want to be more effective in bringing about change on the physical plane and the only way to do that is to learn to focus our minds and visualize first. The first creation is not done on the physical plane. Everything we see in the physical world was first created on the mental plane. The energies were organized by the mind and brought to be through activity fired by desire. Think about the word “emotion” for a moment and how we express ourselves in this area of our lives. We can be “moved” or “affected” by a person or a situation or even a song. Emotions are what move us to move. If you want it bad enough you’ll go get it. It is not enough by itself but neither is the mind. We have to be harmless in our intentions and balance and align all aspects of ourselves to our real purpose, and then we can create true beauty. Gandhi once said “be the change you want to see in the world”. Creation starts within.

The Seven Keys – Key 5 – As it is above, so it is below.

The Oracle of Delphi advised, “know thyself, and thow hast read the world.” Madam Blavatsky told us the way we would come to an understanding of the universe is through the “Law of Correspondences.” There are many such quotes and statements of this idea; that the universe is constructed in ever-increasing spirals of complexity. It all traces back to the phrase, “As it is above, so it is below.” This was central to the teachings of the ancient Hermes Trismegistus who is said to have taken the Ageless Wisdom from Atlantis to Egypt.

The root of this idea is that vibrations manifest in repeating patterns and harmonics. Through these patterns of vibration we see the emergence of mathematical relationships. The doubling of an audio frequency results in the first harmonic or, in the most common form of musical notation, the octave note. There are relationships between the various planes of existence we will study. Just as every note necessarily has its counterpart in every octave, there are things that we will see repeatedly expressed on varied levels of physical manifestation, and consciousness as well. Cycles repeat within cycles; worlds within worlds.

Incidentally, you can see a physical plane correspondence to this phenomenon in a demonstration here  A plate is fixed to a speaker and made to vibrate at increasing frequencies. Salt is poured on the plate and it forms a definite fixed pattern because of the vibration. As the frequency is increased there is an increasing complexity to the patterns created. It opens with a statement from Nicola Tesla which fits in beautifully with our fourth and fifth keys. He said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Because the universe is built up from a single substance, we see the structure of the atom repeated in the Solar System and the Galaxy. Complexity comes with scale because the Solar System is made up of atoms and the galaxy is made up of solar systems. They are orders of magnitude apart, but the patterns repeat because they are the result of the same forces, acting upon the same materials.

In the Ageless Wisdom teachings we are told that there are 7 physical sub-planes starting with solid, liquid, and gaseous, followed by 4 ethers. There are similarly 7 emotional sub-planes each with a correspondence to one of the physical ones. The emotional “octave” is of higher frequency and finer, subtler material. This is repeated with the mental planes which are finer and subtler still, on up through the finest called Adi. The coarser planes of the physical world are forged from the finer materials of the subtler planes and that is why thought and emotion can have physical effects. That is why energy, the substance of the universe, is said to follow thought, (or mind) which is its first and final organizing force.

Everything in manifestation started with an idea. The mountain in the mind of the Logos, and the carabiner and the peton in the mind of a climber. As above, so below. You are a creator in the image of God. You don’t look like God. You create within the same system of natural laws with the same techniques. The next step in your evolution is to do it consciously.



The Seven Keys – Key Four – All manifestation is cyclical. It is the result of, and conditioned by vibration.

The world around you is vibrating from every corner of existence. These vibrations sometimes harmonize, and sometimes they do not, but patterns emerge out of chaos like the autogenic effects we see in fluid dynamics. Like all of these keys, this is impersonal and factual. Science defines heat, and therefore energy itself, by molecular movement. There is perpetual motion in the universe at scales that we cannot imagine. The microwave background radiation famously and accidentally discovered by Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson are reverberations of the Big Bang that started our current great cycle or “Mahamavantara.” This is science’s version of Genesis, and since that moment when time, space, and matter began it has all been vibrating.

Ever notice that nearly everything floating around in space is round? There is no up or down in space so objects don’t make piles and liquids don’t make puddles. Gravity exists and affects everything, although this weakest of the physical forces requires a close relative proximity to be felt. If you are on the surface of the earth you feel it strongly and the moon, with its lower mass, has less ability to hold on to you. The sun holds the earth in its system because of their relative mass but we don’t feel its affect. The earth and sun are spheres, like every other large body in space and as they move and spin we see the cycles we have come to know as the seasons and days of our lives.

These cycles are caused by the very nature of the universe and they can be seen represented in every aspect of it. The orbit of the moon around the earth is as life giving at the radiation of the sun and the rotation of the earth allows for that radiation to ebb and flow just like the tides, caused by the gravity of the moon. All manifestation is cyclical. The earth’s path around the sun gives us our year and the tilt of its axis gives us the seasons. It’s not summer when we are the closest to the sun, but when the tilt of the earth makes the sunlight impact more directly. For us in the northern hemisphere that actually happens when we are farther away.

Why am I bringing all of this up? Because it is the nature of our universe and nothing escapes these cycles. Without them there is no life. Without day and night we would fry or freeze. Without the cycles of the tides provided by our moon there would be no life on earth. The seasons play their part and affect when animals and plants reproduce. You are a part of this universe and you are born of, and participate in this cyclical expression. Look around you and you will see that this fourth key is pivotal. Next we will look at how these systems and cycles are nested in one another.

The Seven Keys – Key Three – Consciousness is the result of the interaction of Spirit and Matter

In order to justify such an esoteric statement we will have to look to the scriptures of the world. Science has no opinion as of yet on creation. They start with the big bang, and that is fine. We are really concerned with the moment prior to creation so this is going to stay theoretical (just as the big bang is). Sorry, but the real answer is that only you can decide for yourself what the truth of this matter may be. Nothing like this can be proven except by the self, to the self. You will find that a recurring theme when it comes to this level of teaching. No one should insist you believe anything on their faith. Only your own intuition can tell you what is truth. Spiritual matters must be worked out by each individual conscious entity. We cannot communicate our experience of God or any of the universal truths through language, because it can only be used to relate common experience. you cannot describe “blue” to a color blind person, no matter how intense your experience of “blue” may be.

Most of the religious traditions of the earth are constructed around a trinity of equally divine aspects of the One Life. The Christian voices this as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. This Holy Spirit always confused me. Why is there no Mother aspect? If the father is spirit why does it appear again? Well, this is simply a distortion that came down through the cultures adhering to this particular doctrine. The Holy Ghost is matter imbued with the Spiritual Essence, and it is female. Matter is the feminine aspect. Spirit is positive, not because it is better or righteous, but because it posits. In the same way, matter is negative because it receives. In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna tells Arjuna “Having pervaded the whole universe with a fragment of myself, I remain.” This is a statement of that concept. Spirit, also known as the father, pervades pre-existent “proto matter” (mulaprakriti) which is in essence energy. Then it interacts with it, producing form and with it, consiousness. The Father, The Mother, and the Son. The son is consciousness. My father used to say “consciousness cannot be hung in a void.” There has to be something to be conscious, and something of which to be conscious. It requires, and is the result of the manifested universe.

The trinity has also been characterized in Hinduism as Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. The Buddhist refers to Atma, Buddhi, and Manas. The Hebrew faith refers to Kheter, Chokma, and Binah. The Theosophical Society and other researchers and teachers of the philosophy known as “The Ageless Wisdom” have characterized these aspects of divinity as Will, Love, and Active Intelligence. This more modern terminology serves the western mind more appropriately. In every case there is the male principal (Spirit, Will) interacting with the material or female aspect (Maya, Matter, Body), which is seen as organized by mind, producing the Son (Consciousness, Love, Soul). I slipped it in there but we have all heard of the trinity in terms of Spirit, Soul and Body as well. This falls perfectly in line with all of the other characterizations. Soul is another synonym for consciousness. Just as a side note, you may have noticed that I did not include Islam above. The tradition resists the trinity because the “three persons in one” seems to diminish in some way, the ultimate creator. My impression is that the trinity is a result (like everything else) of the One Life that animates all into manifestation. It is the first result of the creative process. The creator cannot be diminished by the act of creation.

This process is characterized in Genesis as God hovering over the waters and stirring into activity. God represents the unity from which all is derived. The waters represent this null or proto matter. The first thing that happens is a thought. I jokingly charachterize this as “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if there was light?” Then the words “let there be light” and vibrations separate light from the darkness and bring the manifested universe into being. Duality is created and instantly a relationship between the two aspects is seen as the trinity upon which all these systems are derived. More on that in the next post.

For now I’d like to close with the idea of evolution. I have been talking in religious terms about creation and most people think that evolution is a contradiction of the creative process, but it is an integral part of it. Eveything evolves. Your consciousness has evolved in the course of your lifetime, and humanity has become more conscious over Aeons. This process of the evolution of consciousness is layed out beautiflully in the book “Cosmic Consciousness” by Howard Maurice Bucke. Early scritpures and other writings make no reference to color or fragrance. The first references to color are reds. This is the low end of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum that were call visible light. It is possible that we have even evolved the ability to see color over time. Our understanding of the universe has changed dramatically in just the last few hundred years and it governs our behavior and interation with all we know.

We have evolved as a race, and are different just as you are different from the 5 year old you that you were. Think about it.

The Seven Keys – Key Two – “The One Life expresses itself through matter in order to experience and master form”

So why would this perfect divine and singular life force enter into form? Material expression is limiting and imperfect, confining and restrictive. The short answer is, “to know itself,” but don’t worry, I will go a bit deeper than that. TS Elliot once said that “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” This is an expression of two factors combining in the creative process. The first is referred to in the esoteric sciences as the “Law of Necessity.” Deity must create. That is it’s nature and it’s purpose. In order to be a painter, one must paint. Interestingly, the converse is also true. It is said that man is made in God’s image and that has been reverse engineered to mean that God looks like a man. This is the “old man in the sky” myth that seemingly overtakes every other concept of Deity. There is no old man in the sky, and I have said many times that if that is our only definition of God, than I am an atheist. There is only the One Life which is “above all, through all and in you all” as we discussed in our last post. The second factor is that the process of creation is how the creator becomes aware of itself. The painter is exploring his own mind and heart through his painting as well. This is also true of the musician, the sculptor, etc.

I have only come to understand these two reasons for the manifested universe. The life force creates form in order to experience, and express. Some add the word experiment but I think that is implied within the first two. We are trying to boil things down to root causes, so I will stay with my first two. It is up to you (as always) to determine  the validity of my position in your own life, mind, and heart. Consciousness cannot be hung in a void. It is the result of the interaction of the initial driving force, known as Spirit or Will, and its material expression. We will explore that concept in more depth when we get to Key Three.

Self exploration is the highest calling to which a creator can aspire because it brings one into closer contact and awareness of the divinity which is our source. The Oracle of Delphi advised man “know thyself, and thou has read the world.” Man is a divine creature and to know one’s self more deeply is to come closer to that divine nature. In all of my studies and meditation, self discipline and introspection, I see a single result. I am now a better version of Doug. There is something that exists which is not my body, but uses it. When we do something that is below our own expectations of our “self” we say, “that’s not me. I am better than that.” Through these spiritual disciplines (or any discipline) we come closer to the perfection that we know ourselves to be. and we feel in line with our true essence. That is a form of integrity, or integration. We come closer on the outside to what we know to be the true self on the inside and there is a harmony and beauty in our lives because of this more true and complete expression of the self. As we master the expression in form through the experience of having form, we are literally “God” becoming aware of itself.

Will this happen without conscious effort? Yes. Just look around you. There are many people, who are equally divine in their essence and nature who are completely unconscious of this fact. They are on the path and do not know it. We are all travelling to the same place and when we arrive, we will know the place for the very first time. The process is merely accelerated when we take our own spiritual development in hand and “aspire” to be something greater than ourselves. This is in fact impossible, because we are already perfect and divine in our essence. What we really do through the experiences of living in form is to come closer to that essence through the mastery of material expression. What are you expressing with your actions in the material world? Is it enhancing your experience?

The Seven Keys – Key One “There Is But One Life”

There is but One Life. All of the following Keys and everything within the religious and philosophical teachings throughout the history of humanity can be boiled down to this one concept. This infinite singular Life force expresses itself through what Lao Tzu called the myriad (or ten thousand) things. It is the basis of the teaching on the brotherhood of man, and the unity of all being. Religious systems have tended to personify this life and describe it as separate and transcendent. They mistakenly attribute to it the male principal, but the truth is that this life force is the predecessor, cause, and source of both male (spirit) and female (matter) principals as well as the consciousness (Christ) that is the result of their interaction. It is you and I and the space in between us, united and alive. In the Book of Acts we read that it is God “in whom we live and move and have our being.” St. Paul described the reverse idea when he said God was “above all, and through all, and in you all.” These two statements combined give us the idea that this life force and source is both imminent, and transcendent. All is in God and God is in all.

I would ask at this point, whatever your idea of God may be, if there is anything that could be a part of this life force, this supreme creator, and still be “dead” matter? What part of God is dead? The belief that all in the universe is alive is called Hylozoism. It is closely related to Pantheism. The problem with Theist and Deist doctrine is that it separates God from not only humanity, but from everything else. These dogma’s then suggest that “He” interferes with what he has created, and for some, he evidently doesn’t like evolution; the process by which life expresses itself in ever expanding and more complex forms.

If we ascribe the word Life as a synonym for God, most of the scriptures of the world not only still work, but they work better. Life is above all, through all, and in you all. It is within Life that we live and move and have our being. We are all immersed in a resonant translucent jello which is teeming with life. It is not always apparent, but it is there. Atoms and molecules are in constant motion and interact in predictable ways. Chemical affinities will break down when a substance with a stronger attraction is present and these bonds will re-form when the interloper is removed.

We are not, as scientific materialism suggests, apart from our environment and studying it. Where would we be? We are an integral part of all that surrounds us and this results in the observer effect recognized in virtually all areas of physical science. On all planes of existence this environment resonates and responds to all we think feel and do, and it is all permeated with a living essence shared by everything else you see, feel, and touch, along with everything you can’t see, feel, or touch.

One of the interesting aspects of the abortion issue is the question of when life begins. When did it end? The only way to “create” life is with life. A living egg fertilized by a living sperm transforms it into a living vehicle for another living entity, the human Soul, which uses it to express its infinitely more complex life. Each cell within this vehicle or body is another life unto itself and a part of the more complex organism. Each Soul is itself an expression of the One Life force animating all into being. Krishna says to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, “Having pervaded the whole universe with a fragment of myself, I remain.” The Soul (a fragment of the whole) repeats this process on its own level, giving purpose, cohesion, and direction to this newly organized expression of life.

This process is reflected in infinite layers from the most restricted form of the life essence in the mineral kingdom up into levels beyond our ability to comprehend, and it is all alive. It is all brought into being by the supreme creator who, having pervaded it with a fragment of itself, remains… One Life.

Spiritual Practicality

The title of my upcoming book is “Spiritual Practicality.” I’d like to take a moment to explain to you what I mean by that, and then in my next post I will begin to address the Seven Keys I have discovered underlying these teachings that, if kept in mind, will bring clarity to you as you read. This is regardless of what particular book or religious system you draw upon in order to interpret the world around you and guide you on your way.

One of the issues that is discussed with regard to spiritual living is that is it considered by most to be impractical and ill-suited to living in the modern world. If we are talking about trying to live your life according to a literal or “dead letter” reading of The Old Testament for instance, I can see the point as at least partially valid. Those of you who have read some of my work will probably know that I don’t believe that is the way to read any scripture. They are written symbolically so they can bring truth to a wide variety of readers along a continuum of conscious awareness. To a child the Gospels tell the story of a preacher roaming the holy land teaching love and compassion. To a biblical scholar they give insight into a period in human development and history as well. To me and many others, they tell the story of the awakening human consciousness. The path to that awakening is presented in the story through the events in the life of Jesus, who never claimed to be the only begotten son of God, but did refer to himself as the light and the path and the way. How can those words be interpreted in any way other than symbolic?

So how can any of this be of practical use? There has been an attempt by some to qualify practical spirituality as the application of some of their system of belief to the practical world around them. Embracing principles which do apply to daily life, and there are many that do. “Thow shalt not kill” is a great example of a pronouncement that makes as much sense in the modern world as it did when Moses first spoke it to the Israelites. As a matter of fact, it was true and practical before that as well. These ideas are in many cases moral in their nature, and adopted (appropriately) by the various systems of faith and belief, and used to guide the congregation in just and right behavior. It’s a start, but I believe this is an incomplete way of living your faith because it really involves cherry picking tenets you think still work and applying them in your daily living.

I turned the phrase on its side for a reason. I refer to “Spiritual Practicality” because I believe that when you understand what is being taught, you can live a spiritual life that is completely practical and applicable in the modern world. Now there are things which are included in many of the scriptures of the world that need to be, and have been abandoned as we have grown in our conscious awareness. Many others still need to be dropped by the segments of the populace who still adhere to them. Just because an idea is old doesn’t make it true. The second tier status of women as human beings is one that cannot go too soon. Even though Leviticus tells us it’s OK to sell our daughters into slavery, that has more to do with the structure of a society created thousands of years ago than it does with the teachings at the core of the Judaic traditions. Many of the old texts have those kinds of “don’t eat stuff off the sidewalk” instructions that are really not necessary in modern society.

The spiritual living that is at the center of the various religious teachings of the world is still very practical today. Instead of trying to figure out which parts of our spirituality are practical and applicable to modern life, I propose that the only practical way to approach modern life is the spiritual path. How many of you have done what was asked of you throughout your lives from a practical angle and still feel empty? You went to college or work, raised your children to the best of your ability, worked hard at your job, bought tons of stuff with the money you made, and yet your life does not feel full. You have concentrated on the results, and gotten them, but something is missing. The materialistic approach to living in the West is an empty and illusory lifestyle. I met a woman who represents a product line we use in my work. She travels 4-5 days a week 3-4 weeks a month and so does her husband. It’s commendable to work that hard under the right circumstances, but she has an infant at home. He mother is raising the child so that they can accumulate stuff. Can you see the possibility of an “aha moment” later in her life when she feels she has missed out on living?

When you live spiritually you will find that every aspect of that approach to life has a practical application in the modern world. Spiritual Practicality means applying your spiritual life, your inner being, to the practical world. Instead of taking a few seemingly practical aspects of the teachings you hold dear to your current circumstances, you live spiritually through every experience, because your awareness is changed. Meditation may seem like an impractical waste of time to someone who does not practice it, but the results in your consciousness from its practice will make you a more effective human being in any walk of life. Kindness and compassion can be practiced in any circumstance. Harmlessness is a way of life. You cannot have happiness or bliss if there are incongruities in your life and actions. Being a cut-throat business man, because that is the only way to survive in a hostile world does not square with what one claims to believe in church on Sunday. Integrity is the continuity between your inner life and your actions in the physical, emotional, and mental worlds. Physical acts have physical repercussions that can be seen and tested. What many don’t realize is that not only do emotional and mental acts have effects on their own planes but those effects precipitate down into the physical as well. Do you think that understanding these things has any practical application in everyday life? Obviously I do.

Stay tuned. We will be going through the Seven Keys one by one.

Is there really a War on Christmas?

It’s here… That time of year when to all of the pressures of everyday life are added the pressures of the holiday season. In addition to the bathroom remodel, the demands of Higher Ground, kids, the day gig, (I am an engineer) and everything else that seems to pile up over time, we now have shopping, family pressures, decorations, (inside and out) advertising blitz’s, the “must have” toys of the year and everything else that is attached to a holiday that is purported to be under attack. This is evidently caused by the courtesy extended by the use of the phrase “Happy Holiday” instead of “Merry Christmas”; or perhaps by having to share a season of well wishing with the evil celebrants of other less worthy holidays. It makes me wonder who is really under siege, and by whom.

Well if you get down to the true meaning behind the origins of the Christmas Holiday and that into which it has grown, I think its safe to say that Jesus lost that fight to Corporate America a long time ago. If we want to “put Christ back in Christmas” I can get behind that, but I think commercialism has been more of a nemesis than Kwanza or Chanukah could ever be. The modern Christmas celebration, including the Coca Cola Santa Clause that I grew up with, would be unrecognizable to anyone from the 19th Century, let alone the year zero. That leads pretty easily to what I want to talk with you about.

There are aspects of the real holiday that do survive. You will see the classic Nativity in front of a home or church and just for a moment you remember what we are celebrating. But what are we really celebrating? It is supposed to be the birth of Jesus Christ. A nice Jewish boy born 2000 years or so ago, who had a profound effect on humanity. I say “or so” because no one really knows the date. Many don’t even know he was Jewish. We just assume it was December 25th exactly 2008 years ago (or would it be 2009?). Now, if this was in fact the case, it would not have been called the year zero, it would have been 754AUC (referring back to the start of the Roman Empire). People in the year 45 BC didn’t call it that… how could they know? The calendar was later re-calibrated to center it on the birth of Jesus and the so called start of the “Common Era”. Are you confused yet? Wait it gets worse. Without getting too lost in all of this, does it seem strange to re-organize a calendar to a date and year we can’t identify? That gives you an idea of how unique the impact of this one individual.

Now why do we have such a hard time setting this date? Don’t we have his whole life story? Well, yes and no. The two gospel stories that do cover the birth of Jesus conflict with each other, and the earliest of the books in the canonized Bible (Mark) which doesn’t mention the birth wasn’t written until about 60-70AD (we cant set that date either). Mathew says he was born while Herod the great was King of Judea and Luke tells us it was in the time that Quirinius was the Governor of Syria. Ironically, history indicates that those two things didn’t happen at the same time. In addition, census that put Joseph and Mary on the road to Bethlehem was most likely the one commissioned by Cesar Augustus in 6 AD. So we are left to wonder…

Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter what year it was as long as we have the day right. Birthdays don’t mean as much to me anymore and I’m not 2000 years old. We can still celebrate and just not have the right number of candles on the cake. Sorry, we don’t really know the day either. As a matter of fact in the first 337 years of the common calendar 136 different days were used to celebrate Jesus’ birth. That means there is a 1 in 3 chance; no matter what day you are reading this story, that it was Christmas Day at least once. In 337 Pope Julius decided that they had to do something. That mess was OK before, but Rome had basically adopted Christianity in 325 at the council of Nicea. I guess he figured they had to be more organized. So how did he decide? In the absence of reliable historical evidence where would you turn?

As beautiful and complete as the story of Jesus may be, it is not unique in some of its aspects. There are many avatars over the ages and in different civilizations that are celebrated as the “only begotten sons of God”. Edward Carpenter identified 21 common characteristics of these Scriptures and traditions in his “Pagan and Christian Creeds” starting with a virgin mother, (many of whom were named Mary) and including the flight from “a slaughter of the innocents”. Interestingly, many of them were (supposedly) born on December 25th. Are they copying Christmas? Not by a long shot. Christianity is one of the most recent tellings of this ancient story.

Dr. Annie Bessant explains this unlikely coincidence in her book Esoteric Christianity.

“He is always born at the winter solstice, after the shortest day in the year, at the midnight of the 24th of December, when the sign Virgo is rising above the horizon; born as this sign is rising, he is born always of a virgin, and she remains a virgin after she has given birth to her Sun-Child, as the celestial Virgo remains unchanged and unsullied when the Sun comes forth from her in the heavens. Weak, feeble as an infant is He, born when the days are shortest and the nights are longest…” Alice A. Bailey, in her definitive work on the subject, From Bethlehem to Calvary, states, “At the time of the birth of Jesus, Sirius, the star in the East, was on the meridian line, Orion, called ‘The Three Kings’ by oriental astronomers, was in proximity; therefore the constellation Virgo, the Virgin, was rising in the east, and the line of the ecliptic, of the equator and of the horizon all met in that constellation.”

Hence, we celebrate the birth of the “light of the world” at the birthing of the light at the winter solstice, along with countless other celebrations in varied cultures… which constitutes an attack in the minds of some, even though some of the traditions such as the Yule Log cross over and many of the traditions are much older.

Does this sound far fetched? Why would a Pope care about hokey astrological signs when dealing with purely Christian issues? If we dig a bit into history we find some interesting facts. Did you ever wonder why Easter Sunday moves around every year? The date is set each year in accordance with rules set in the same council of Nicea anchored to the Vernal Equinox. As a matter of fact it was among the reasons for the reform of the Julian calendar into the Gregorian calendar in 1582. The older Julian was skewed and over time the date of the equinox had drifted 10 days, effecting the Easter celebration. The new calendar bearing the name of Pope Gregory XIII would “reset” Easter to the date established in Nicea in 325 AD and correspond with the solar or tropical calendar, the actual time it takes for the earth to complete its path around the sun. So, as you can see there is precedent for this kind of basis for the timing of a Christian celebration

So where are we now? We celebrate a definitive event in human history, the date of which cannot be fixed, at the same time that many other celebrations occur, for many of the same reasons. Insecurity alone can be the reason for thinking that the other celebrations are less important or somehow diminish the one that is most important to us. In my father’s One Solitary Life series, this information is given in much greater detail including over a dozen virgin born Sons of God. If we look together at what the teachings of the world have in common we may find even greater reason for our faith. If differing civilizations and cultures all over the world center around the same tenets without the possibility of a common language to have effectively bridged or communicated these aspects of faith, does that diminish the tenets of any?

On the contrary, I believe it is compelling evidence of the central truths.

So is there a war on Christmas? Maybe so, but the combatants may not be who they seem at first glance. Let’s celebrate our faith together and truly honor the teachings and life of the Lord of Compassion along with all of the other celebrations of light around the world.

One Solitary Life – The Christ Epoch… is here

christ-epoch-cover1Well, Its done. I just signed off the galley for the last book in the One Solitary Life series, authored by my father Anthony J. Fisichella. It took him 10 years to write and it took 4 years and 10 days after he passed for me to complete this for him. The work itself is not finished because it has become my own. I will be doing whatever I can to make people aware of these teachings for the rest of my life, and by no means will it be limited to my fathers teachings. He never laid claim to this as anything he created. We all simply create our interpretation of these kinds of teachings and if we are able to help people understand better by that interpretation it has value. I can say it had value for me but only you can decide whether it is valuable to you.

It will probably be two weeks or so before I hold it in my hands but the book is done. An idea fostered in my fathers mind and nurtured in his heart for over 40 years. The book that became a trilogy out of the necessity of clarity. This is what he set out to write, the story of Jesus as interpreted by an esoteric mind. The mind of a metaphysician focused on understanding the hidden meaning behind the greatest story ever told. Not great because it is about Jesus, or The Christ (a distinction you will understand after reading the book) but because it is about each and every one of us.

My father always maintained that the story in The New Testament is true, even if it was to be proven beyond a doubt that Jesus never lived. Think about that. Even if the central character is proven fictional the story in its symbolic interpretation is unchanged. That is one of the things that make scripture timeless.

Dr. Annie Bessant said in her book Esoteric Christianity (this is a paraphrase because now I can’t find it) “Christianity is an ocean into who’s shallows a child could wade, with depths that would drown a giant”. If the New Testament is really just a historical account, its not a very good one. it contradicts itself and skips around leaving huge holes. If its seen as the hero’s journey and something we can aspire to… If its really about you and I… If it is a single view of a universal truth which is told and retold throughout the religious teachings of the world… WOW

My dad spent his life teaching this. He did a presentation on this whole subject a couple of years before he died that we were lucky enough to have recorded. It was two hours long and covers much of what the One Solitary Life Trilogy is about. Its listed on and there is a link below. If anyone would like a jump on things. Get the CDs and if you do it before the book is released I will send you book III for free.

All Saints Day

We have just passed All Saints Day, or All Hallows Day, which means little to most people, even those who know it as the day after Halloween. It is a Holiday designated to honor all of the saints who don’t have their own day. It could be argued that the day was picked in order to combat the revelry of Halloween when it was still called Sawin (Samhain), a Gaelic holiday celebrating the coming of winter. It simply means November and marked the end of the harvest. Throughout the history of agricultural communities this was a scary time of year, because whether the harvest was good or bad you had what you were going to live on for the course of the winter.

Celebrations varied and especially in modern times many ghoulish movies and other Hollywood type treatments have changed what the Halloween festival has become, but that is not why I am writing. I like the fun of Halloween. You get to go a little crazy in ways that other holidays don’t offer. In a way its more fun than Christmas or New Years eve.

All Saints Day, on the other hand never meant anything to me until 4 years ago. That was the day my father, Anthony Fisichella passed away in the wee hours of the morning, literally on Halloween night. I found out about two years later, from Liz Sterling who was a very intimate friend of his and with whom I have grown very close, that he had always said, “If you want to die, do it on Halloween, it is the easiest time because the veil is the thinnest between the worlds”. I had never heard him say it personally, and it is little more than an interesting tidbit. I am not saying he predicted his demise but I had always thought of his death as voluntary.

He had a severe Anurism right at his heart and had undergone surgery, which he survived. The problem was that he was in there for more than twice the amount of time that they had presumed would be necessary. This meant that he could have had some very severe complications in his recovery. I believe that during that kind of anesthesia part of you is conscious anyway but detached from the body and there is anecdotal evidence for this which we have all heard. When he came back into this broken body he would not have been very happy about it and I think if he had a choice he would have moved on, but that is not why I’m writing either.

He left behind the unpublished series of three books, One Solitary Life, with his literal dying wish that we make sure they were published. It took about a year before I could really work on them because I would hear his voice in my head as I read. Its like he reads to me. At first it made it impossible to work on his stuff, but has since become a comfort. I am not implying anything supernatural here. I am sure any number of people reading perhaps a letter written by a  loved one would have the same experience. A close friend of dad’s told me the same thing when we finally got the first book out. This is why I am writing. Not only have the first two books been published, but we are on the verge of getting book III.

Along the way Dad’s work has become my work and we have released his Well of Wisdom series along with an audio lecture on the One Solitary Life Books. I have begun speaking and been transformed in ways I did not anticipate. I never thought I would be publishing books, but even as I committed to that I had no idea of the effect the teachings themselves would have on me. I joined the Theosophical Society and the Theosophical Order of Service as well as the Arcane School in New York. Most importantly, I am living my life differently, and with more success because of the things I’m learning. I want to spread this info far and wide and in a sense, three years later, I am just getting started.

So, while it won’t change All Saints Day for anyone else, I thought it was worth mentioning that even though it has taken 4 years to do, we are near the end of the task of finishing Dad’s work and I have already begun my own. It will be the moment of a lifetime when I hold “The Christ Epoch” in my hand. An idea that started in my fathers mind crystallized on the physical plane for the benefit of whatever portion of humanity stands ready for his message. A message that has already transformed his son.