Course Corrections

There are moments in our lives that may seem unimportant at the time but their significance is realized later. Sometimes we have an intuitive understanding even at that moment but the “gravity” of it still needs to creep in over time. I am a little hesitant to share this particular story because it may seem unimportant and shallow at first but it was a moment of deep meaning and change for me. I am about to expose myself in a way that makes me feel just a bit uncomfortable but this at the same time makes it seem more important that I do.

After my father died I was left with the responsibility of bringing his work to the world. I did not feel there was anyone else that could or would accomplish this. The family as a whole has been behind me all the way and in my absence I am sure one of them would have taken up this mantle, but at the time it did seem that if this was going to happen, it would have to be me. I took the responsibility very seriously.

At the same time, I was trying to find an appropriate business in which I could invest so that we could make a living and support our family. My wife does not work outside the home and with little recent business experience it is difficult for her to find work that is not mundane, or earn a wage that makes the sacrifices we would have to endure worthwhile. There was some money from his estate and we were trying to find the best way to use this to change our circumstances. It was difficult for other reasons as well. We don’t drink, and have not for 9 years now, so buying a bar would not work even though I would like to have an outlet like that for my music. We don’t believe in eating meat so there was no sandwich shop, etc. I have left behind so much of the common interests of people that we struggled to find something we could do that would be popular enough to make money, but that we could believe in and not feel we were pedaling poison.

One day I was driving down the road listening to a motivational speaker named Jeffery Combs. We had met at a seminar and shared some conversation. I had given him a copy of Book I in my father’s trilogy and he had given me this CD. He was talking about wealth and success and those sorts of things and he said that sometimes we come across a situation where there is little or no risk, little or no “down side” and everything possible on the “up side”. It’s very rare but when you come across that you have got to go “all in”.

I realized that what my father had left behind really represented the “work” I needed to do, whether it ever made a dime to support my family or not. I would not be pushing sugar or some other addiction. I would not be compromising any principal in order to make a dollar. It was something I had set myself to and intended to do. Part of the issue with starting a business was that it would be an all consuming pursuit, especially at the outset and I did not want to be a prisoner to it because I had all of this other work to do.

I began to cry, and remember saying “OK dad, I’m in”. In with both feet, no matter what the results might be. I was using his money to complete his work, and it has become mine. It has cost a fortune but it was not a mistake. The work itself and the commitment have had a profound effect on my life. I have had moments of pain when I felt I had made a mistake in committing the resources, because I have not really gotten these books to the world… yet. It was just impatience.

I realize that if it takes the rest of my life, I can’t stop anyway, so how was starting a mistake? I do not compromise my ethics for money. I will not change my work for the lack of it. It was a profound lesson in detachment. Dad told me once that the sun doesn’t whine or complain when clouds get in the way and its rays are not enjoyed by anyone. It simply shines because that is its nature. He also said if these books were perchance never read that represented a mechanism for him to work on himself and had thus served a purpose anyway. They, along with the rest of the teachings to which I have now exposed myself, have changed my life in ways I could never have anticipated including its overall direction.

Sometimes when we take that leap of faith we think we know where it will lead and just hope we succeed in getting there. Sometimes success comes in the form of course corrections we can’t foresee.

Force and Form

When the light shines forth and men gain in understanding of the true nature of themselves and their surroundings we will come to the realization that we are all expressions of the same life force. This force is not the form which we initially feel is our being. It is using that form in order to express its being. Gaining knowledge and understanding of this essential truth will naturally and gradually move the focus of our awareness (our purest expression of that essence) from the form to the underlying life force.

In our infancy our consciousness inhabits a very small world in its appearance. We have little awareness of anything outside of our families. We have little influence even within the small confines in which we find ourselves. Later, as we grow in our capacities to understand and interact our sphere of influence increases and we realize we are a part of a world much larger than we had understood. That whole world was always out there but we were unaware. We become associated with a group or community and a school with friends. In the best of circumstances we begin to include those other environing associates in our thinking and planning.

For many people the group never grows beyond that small community and for some they will only treat their family members well and the rest of humanity remains “outside the wire” so to speak and left to fend for themselves while the individual fights against the world in order to protect and care for that small group.

When the light of the mind is increased through evolutionary development and the urge to study and ponder upon the information gathered the individual begins to realize that he is part of an increasingly larger group. Service of country through military service or public office may be the expression of this selflessness. Military service within the context of society is perceived as a noble and selfless act. This urge will eventually find expression in other service when the thought form we call our society is sufficiently altered by the awakening consciousness of the populace as a whole, but how does that happen?

It is brought about by the individual and collective efforts of those men and women of goodwill who surround the globe and find themselves in every single nation and community. As they learn and understand the world in these ever increasing circles of both influence and caring, it is their responsibility to that increasing perception of the whole to spread this newly gained knowledge to those around them who are increasingly able to understand and assimilate it.

When I realize that I am a part of a larger consciousness and my nature is pure energy, the form becomes less important. When I realize that my brother is the same as my self and in fact is my self, the form he inhabits is of no importance at all. It is not his identity. I focus on his identity as a soul and communicate soul to soul and then our forms no longer hinder.

The light of the intuition is like a flash of brilliance. It is a momentary access to an idea that is a part of the plan, embodying some aspect of the will of God. This is something we gain the ability to access by fostering communication with our higher self. The light of the soul is increased through right aspiration, study, service and meditation. When the light of the soul shines forth it is an indication that much work and service has already taken place. We are looking at a servant who has prepared and purified his various vehicles so that when this access is gained he is capable of understanding the form his service should take and strong enough to create it. His ability to then transmit this “new” information to his fellow man will determine its effectiveness along with their ability to grasp and interpret its meaning.

The shift will be in identification from the form to the life force within because we will better understand that life is the common thread within all forms. We will understand that consciousness is the expression of that life force and forms are the result of this process of conscious response and its creative efforts, and not the cause of anything. My body is a crystallized thought form created by my soul and my soul is an expression of a conscious fragment of the One Life. This gives me the potential through the re-identification of the focus of my consciousness to eventually gain access to the thoughts of the universal mind. To the highly developed consciousness there is no “ring pass not” and the more I am capable of perfecting its expression the closer I come to the One Life.

The Next Few Steps – My lesson in the Labyrinth

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The next few steps… my lesson in the Labyrinth

When I was in Crestone with Liz Sterling earlier this spring I had the opportunity to walk the magnificent Labyrinth at the Temple of Consciousness. Just as an aside the Temple of Consciousness was originally built by William and Barbra of the Sanctuary house and was their original location. The labyrinth was an interesting experience for me and I would like to share some of the things that occurred to me as I made my Journey.

First, I think a little background information is in order. The story of Theseus in the Labyrinth is not just a myth. This is really a metaphor for the decent of the soul into the lower three worlds connected by the golden thread of consciousness. The Labyrinth is a representation of the path of decent during involution and the eventual path of return upon which we all, as human beings, find ourselves.

Theseus (you) who was of both divine and human decent, used a golden thread provided by the beautiful Ariadne (the soul) out of her love for him to find the way back out of the Labyrinth (the lower three worlds) after slaying the Minotaur, (the lower self or “animal nature”), a half man half bull that had been placed at the center of the labyrinth.

Realizing all of the above I began my symbolic journey. Now this will not lead to any huge mystical insights and I hope that I am not building you up to a disappointment. Liz had instructed me to take my time and to stop any time the inclination hit me and just allow the experience to happen and whatever insights I may have to flow through me. This is what I found.

The path I was on was a twisting and turning convoluted walkway that from a distance looked like a flower. It is not a maze, because unless you screw up there is only one path which leads to the center and then back out. If you attempted to follow the entire path with your eyes it would be difficult even from above, although you can always easily see the goal, the center, where in this case, they had placed an enormous crystal. If you tried to follow the entire path from standing on it at any point, it is dizzying and basically impossible. Even if you could there is no real point. Just keep on keeping on and you will eventually arrive at the goal without having to predict every step along the way.

The LabrynthThe Labrynth
from above it looks like a flower
from above it looks like a flower

I remember a passage from one of the books about Don Juan, written by Carlos Castaneda. I can’t quote it or find it, I’ve tried, but the gist of it is this.

It is not necessary to determine every step upon an infinitely long journey. Once a general direction has been established it is only necessary to determine what will be the next few steps on the path. Any attempt to plot the entire step by step process is at best futile and at worst a delusion.

Do you see the parallels to the path, the infinitely long journey of the soul? From inside the labyrinth it is the best you can do to follow the next few steps and maybe the next two turns. We need to address what is directly in front of us and the ramifications of the immediate actions and not worry so much about what will be happening a year from now or ten years, or how long we may be traveling, once that general direction has been established. Pondering where it all leads and the purpose of the plan is not without merit, unless it stops you from taking care of the task at hand. This is the plight of the impractical visionary. Lofty goals and imaginings without action leave the visionary in the place he started.

My father, Anthony Fisichella used to tell a story about a Zen student who came to his Master one morning and asked; “Master, what can I do today to help myself find enlightenment?” The Master replied, “Have you eaten breakfast?” The student eagerly answered “yes..” The Master admonished him, “then go do the dishes!”

Service starts at home with the ones closest to you and there is a reason for that. Jesus told his followers that if they came to the temple bearing gifts and realized that they had offended their brother to leave their gifts, make amends with the brother and then return. All the lofty aspirations of the disciple are useless to the world if he is not first taking care of those closest to him. All future plans of great accomplishment are built on the foundations of the here and now. Take care of those around you and the next few steps on the path. Those few steps will lead to the next few and no plans for the final steps will need to be re-considered.

Love Light and Power


The Spiritual Constitution of the Human Being

The Spiritual Constitution of the Human Being

Depending on our level of development and or interest, we all have a different concept of what makes us human. Are we just this body? Is there a soul? Does something outlive the body and even perhaps move on to another body after we die? These questions have plagued us since we developed our capacity to think. The constitution of our “selves” is central to any investigation of our spirituality. We have heard even from the church that we are spirit, soul and body, but what is the difference between spirit and soul? This represents my understanding through the studies and research I have done on my own and the teachings of my father.


Man is, in the image of God, a triplicity of Spirit, (or Monad) the Soul (or Ego) and a threefold personality which shows itself in its lowest form as the dense physical body. The manifestation of Spirit is the called the monad. Moses said “my god is an all consuming fire”. The monad could be described as an indivisible spark of that fire. Throughout eons of time it has expressed itself through various material manifestations through all of the lower kingdoms of nature and now has reached the point in its evolutionary process that it is a human monad which can only find useful experience through expression and interaction in the world of form as human consciousness. Its first form of expression or manifestation is the spiritual triad or solar angel. It is a microcosm of the three aspects of Divinity which are: Will, Love, and Intelligent Activity.


The Monad takes on a threefold sheath known as the causal body in which it will express itself through countless incarnations as it evolves and grows in experience. This is the commonly called the Soul and it is the inner thinker which finds expression through the threefold lower self or personality. The soul extends the sutrama, sometimes called the silver cord into the lower three worlds with, strung upon it, the three permanent atoms which contain the aggregate of experience it has gained over time. It manifests with matter appropriate to each of those three lower worlds or planes in a Manasic or mental body, an Astral or emotional body and a dual Physio-Etheric body which is the dense physical structure and the etheric or pranic scaffolding on which it is constructed and which it is the vitalizing force. This tripicity is also called the lower quaternary because of the dual nature of the physio-etheric body. The dense physical body is merely an outer reflection or appearance of an inner reality.



Collectively these three bodies are termed the personality. They are manifested by the soul to fulfill a specific purpose in the world of form, and to fulfill Karmic obligations accrued during previous incarnations but “forget” that purpose and live as if they were independent beings, not even aware of each other at first. Even if aware of the mental aspect (the right thing to do) the astral or desire body may be totally callous to that knowledge, and if it is dominant, drive the physical being into behavior which he “knows” is inappropriate. Note the similarities to the structure of Freudian psychology. Freud spoke of the Id (the desire nature) Ego (the soul or moderator) and the Super Ego (the “cold” concrete mind) The process of the evolution of consciousness brings those three bodies into harmonic and cooperative expression.

The human being in its totality -personality, taken together with the threefold nature of soul expression and the monad itself, the father in heaven, -is seen as a septinary (seven aspects) expression. Unification of the lower three with the higher three and then renunciation of all physical manifestation leaving again only the monad is the goal of human spiritual endeavor.


The early stages of human development can be seen in the life of a child as it develops, recapitulating the spiritual growth the soul has experienced over eons. At first the body is considered the only self and the animal soul is what is being expressed. The physical needs for food and shelter, and later, sex, etc are the only needs met. As the child grows it is first introduced to group consciousness in the form of the needs of the family unit. Further on, an inkling comes into the mind that there is something else within, and self consciousness surfaces. “I am a body that has a soul”. There is an inner thinker here and I can even step outside my thinking process to analyze and assess my motives for certain actions. On its heels comes the realization that I am in fact that inner thinker. “I am a soul with a body” and the urge to meditate and investigate into the mysteries of life call me to the path of probation as an aspirant. The conflict of the aspirant is that part of him “knows” what is the right path, and the other part “wants” to fulfill only its own desires or perceived needs. The symbol for mankind is the Centaur. The lower half is animal and the human upper half, godlike in comparison. The subjugation of the animal or lower self by the higher self is the task at hand, and will require dedication.


Meditation develops the antahkarana or rainbow bridge, re-establishing the lost path of communication with that soul or higher self so that its purpose may better be achieved in the more evolved human being. I learn to align or harmonize the three fold lower self and turn it to the service of my soul’s purpose, living still in the world but now realizing I am not of the world. We will cover meditation techniques in future postings.


Douglas Fisichella