Spirituality and Religion

I haven’t written in a while, since my latest trip to Crestone and I wanted to touch base on a serious topic. Spirituality. It gets confused with religiousness and I really don’t think they mean the same thing to most people. I do think they mean the same to deeply religious people but not to deeply spiritual people, if that makes any sense.

Spirituality has a more open meaning to me. You can be spiritual and in touch with a higher sense of what you are without necessarily being a part of any organized religion or any of the usually associated practices such as prayer. You can be deeply spiritual without ever attending a religious ceremony or taking part in any form of worship. Worship always worries me because of the totally devotional connotation of the word. When you worship something or even worse someone, be they dead or alive you are diminishing your self in a way. “That (or he, or she) is greater than I”. I believe there is nothing greater than “I” except “we”. In the one case its just another “I” which you are revering in some way.

Since nothing has any intrinsic value, that other “I” is no greater or less than you. The fostering of group awareness is the key to spirituality. The group is greater than the sum of its parts, but only as it becomes aware of its power. Until then it is just another latent unexpressed potentiality. In the Crestone Videos (and especially the longer one which can be viewed on my site http://www.Higher-Ground.com you can see leaders in many different religious system alluding to this. Spirituality is a part of every system and greater than any one of them. Madame Blavatski said there is no religion greater than truth. This truth is at the core of all of them and no single religion has it all.

One could say the same thing about God, and man him (or her) self. We are all a part of the God Consciousness and it is an integral part (if not all) of each and every one of us. We are enveloped in the whole and an insufficient expression of its nature just as religion is enveloped in spirituality and fails through its self induced limitations to faithfully express the whole truth.

Crestone and Spirituality

What a week!

Last Tuesday Liz Sterling, a close friend and a radio talk show host in South Florida, arrived in Colorado to do some recording in my studio and take a trip to Crestone to visit some of the 23 spiritual centers there. I had been anticipating the trip but it was way more than I expected. We stayed at the Haidakandi Ashram for three days and Liz did interviews with 9 of the spiritual leaders in the area. I will be posting pix and making a video out of the footage I shot there.

What a place! It is beautiful and there are such great people. We went from one brilliant mind to another over the course of the three days talking about spirituality with a diverse group that ranged from a Catholic Carmelite Monastery to a Japanese Shumei Temple and two Hindu Ashrams. We talked to people from “New Age” and Native American belief systems and they all know and love each other. What is really impressive is that they all had about the same things to say. They talked about unity and love and the fact that we are all headed to the same place no matter what “religious” system we relate to.

At the Ashram I got to play a hand drum during the morning Aarati chanting ceremony and participate in the Fire ceremony at the full moon as well. It was interesting to see how devoted and loving they were in their prayers. It is run by a wonderful woman named Ramloti and you can do the same and visit this Ashram if you like. I’ll get links up on the Higher-Ground site ASAP. They live completely off the grid using photocells to generate electricity and gravity fed stream water. They have a generator for emergencies or if the get a few sunless days in a row but rarely have to start it.

What we didn’t know until just before heading there is that they are in an epic battle to save the land from drilling by a Canadian company. They wanted to tap a huge underground aquifer and lost that fight, so now they are trying to drill for natural gas they don’t even know exists. I think it is a ploy to start work there and then take the water. The whole community is against it, but while they own their land they don’t own the mineral rights. Stay tuned for more on this as we put the information together.



The Spiritual Constitution of the Human Being

The Spiritual Constitution of the Human Being

Depending on our level of development and or interest, we all have a different concept of what makes us human. Are we just this body? Is there a soul? Does something outlive the body and even perhaps move on to another body after we die? These questions have plagued us since we developed our capacity to think. The constitution of our “selves” is central to any investigation of our spirituality. We have heard even from the church that we are spirit, soul and body, but what is the difference between spirit and soul? This represents my understanding through the studies and research I have done on my own and the teachings of my father.


Man is, in the image of God, a triplicity of Spirit, (or Monad) the Soul (or Ego) and a threefold personality which shows itself in its lowest form as the dense physical body. The manifestation of Spirit is the called the monad. Moses said “my god is an all consuming fire”. The monad could be described as an indivisible spark of that fire. Throughout eons of time it has expressed itself through various material manifestations through all of the lower kingdoms of nature and now has reached the point in its evolutionary process that it is a human monad which can only find useful experience through expression and interaction in the world of form as human consciousness. Its first form of expression or manifestation is the spiritual triad or solar angel. It is a microcosm of the three aspects of Divinity which are: Will, Love, and Intelligent Activity.


The Monad takes on a threefold sheath known as the causal body in which it will express itself through countless incarnations as it evolves and grows in experience. This is the commonly called the Soul and it is the inner thinker which finds expression through the threefold lower self or personality. The soul extends the sutrama, sometimes called the silver cord into the lower three worlds with, strung upon it, the three permanent atoms which contain the aggregate of experience it has gained over time. It manifests with matter appropriate to each of those three lower worlds or planes in a Manasic or mental body, an Astral or emotional body and a dual Physio-Etheric body which is the dense physical structure and the etheric or pranic scaffolding on which it is constructed and which it is the vitalizing force. This tripicity is also called the lower quaternary because of the dual nature of the physio-etheric body. The dense physical body is merely an outer reflection or appearance of an inner reality.



Collectively these three bodies are termed the personality. They are manifested by the soul to fulfill a specific purpose in the world of form, and to fulfill Karmic obligations accrued during previous incarnations but “forget” that purpose and live as if they were independent beings, not even aware of each other at first. Even if aware of the mental aspect (the right thing to do) the astral or desire body may be totally callous to that knowledge, and if it is dominant, drive the physical being into behavior which he “knows” is inappropriate. Note the similarities to the structure of Freudian psychology. Freud spoke of the Id (the desire nature) Ego (the soul or moderator) and the Super Ego (the “cold” concrete mind) The process of the evolution of consciousness brings those three bodies into harmonic and cooperative expression.

The human being in its totality -personality, taken together with the threefold nature of soul expression and the monad itself, the father in heaven, -is seen as a septinary (seven aspects) expression. Unification of the lower three with the higher three and then renunciation of all physical manifestation leaving again only the monad is the goal of human spiritual endeavor.


The early stages of human development can be seen in the life of a child as it develops, recapitulating the spiritual growth the soul has experienced over eons. At first the body is considered the only self and the animal soul is what is being expressed. The physical needs for food and shelter, and later, sex, etc are the only needs met. As the child grows it is first introduced to group consciousness in the form of the needs of the family unit. Further on, an inkling comes into the mind that there is something else within, and self consciousness surfaces. “I am a body that has a soul”. There is an inner thinker here and I can even step outside my thinking process to analyze and assess my motives for certain actions. On its heels comes the realization that I am in fact that inner thinker. “I am a soul with a body” and the urge to meditate and investigate into the mysteries of life call me to the path of probation as an aspirant. The conflict of the aspirant is that part of him “knows” what is the right path, and the other part “wants” to fulfill only its own desires or perceived needs. The symbol for mankind is the Centaur. The lower half is animal and the human upper half, godlike in comparison. The subjugation of the animal or lower self by the higher self is the task at hand, and will require dedication.


Meditation develops the antahkarana or rainbow bridge, re-establishing the lost path of communication with that soul or higher self so that its purpose may better be achieved in the more evolved human being. I learn to align or harmonize the three fold lower self and turn it to the service of my soul’s purpose, living still in the world but now realizing I am not of the world. We will cover meditation techniques in future postings.


Douglas Fisichella

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